SportPro M1 Arena Drag for ATV/UTV or Small Tractor

$4,999.00 $4,499.10

For utility carts, ATVs, UTVs, & small tractors. Minimum 14 h.p. or 350 cc.
63″ wide.

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    SportPro Wall/Rail Blade – Right side + $299.00 $269.10
    SportPro Wall Protection Wheel + $249.00 $224.10
    Ball Coupler For M1 or M3 + $99.00 $89.10

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ABI Sport Pro Arena Drag – Premier Equestrian Edition M1

The SportPro M1 Groomer contains all the features and adjustability you’ll ever need for mixing, maintaining, and perfecting your arena surface. Perfect for all types of footing and safe for the base, landscape liners, and base mats. Great for all disciplines including jumping, dressage, pleasure, and all types of western disciplines.

2 rows of S-tines
Transport wheels to move the groomer around the property.
Smoothing bar
Rear roller


Adjustable ground engagements: Dig, lift, mix, fluff and level. Adjust the depth and angle as needed.


Transport Wheel Transport the arena drag over almost any terrain.


Smoothing Bar: levels build up and distributes material to low spots.


Rollers: keep the arena drag stable, eliminating the chance of tines digging too deep into the surface; also provides extra compaction when needed.

For utility carts, ATVs, UTVs, and small tractors.

Minimum 14 h.p. or 350 cc. 53″ outside tire max width.

Groomer Features and Benefits

What makes SportPro groomers better than other groomers on the market is the unique structure and the ability to be configured to perfectly suit the requirements for your specific arena moisture and additives.

Pin Hitch or 2” Ball Coupler

A pin comes with the SportPro M1, or purchase the 2″ Ball Coupler.

Transport Wheels

Transport the arena drag over almost any terrain around the property.

Each ground-engaging component is independently adjustable so you can change the surface tension in your arena as desired. Once you have the groomer configured for everyday use, lock the tool into place, so you can count on consistent, repeatable results, no matter who’s in the driver’s seat.

Adjust the components as needed into an active grooming position when you need to re-mix the additives in your footing or change the surface tension for conditioning your horses.


Adjust the depth of S-Tines to dig, lift, mix, fluff, and level the arena surface. S-Tines offer a safer way to go deeper, pulling up small fines and fibers that have settled to the bottom without damaging the base. S-tines are also suited for self-amending or self-installing additional materials, or fibers.

Smoothing Bar

The smoothing bar’s cylinder shape allows material to flow under as well as over— creating a smoothing effect and preventing excess material from plugging up. Adjustable in quarter inch increments, the smoothing bar also accumulates some excess materials to drop into low areas to level the arena.