ArenaClear™ Dust Control – 1 Gallon


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ARENACLEAR™ is a safe and easy-to-use agricultural product developed to help you handle dust problems in your indoor and outdoor riding arenas, round-pens, paddocks, stalls, dirt roads and any other areas that have dust. ARENACLEAR™ also helps reduce the amount of water needed to keep dust down by as much as 50-60%, saving you time, money, and labor and leaving more time to ride.


ARENACLEAR™ is a unique proprietary formula of agricultural minerals (found in soil) and it creates a chemical & physical change in the soil.  It allows your footing (i.e., dirt, sand, sand/clay, sand/fabric combinations or any other type of footing material) to hold up to 300% more water, deeper into your footing, which means fewer watering’s and less labor to control your dust.


ARENACLEAR™ can be used everywhere! It can be used on both your indoor and outdoor arenas, round-pens, paddocks, run-ins, stalls, walkways, roads, and other areas that might have a dust problem.


Features & Benefits:

  • Cost effective – Based on a 10,000 sqft arena with 4” of footing, the cost is $.03/sqft
  • Coverage – One gallon will treat up to 10,000 sqft
  • Easy to apply – No special equipment needed. A hose-end sprayer will do the job
  • Works on all types of footings – sand, dirt, rubber, sand/clay, sand/rubber, fabric/mix or any other footing material available
  • Works both indoors and outdoors – will not wash away
  • Environmentally safe & ecologically safe to use – It has been an approved Ag. Mineral in California since 1971
  • Non-slippery – Non-toxic – Odorless
  • Creates a healthy riding environment as well as a great riding surface
  • Reduces your watering by 50-60% and saves you labor as well
  • Can be ridden on the day you apply it to your arena
  • One application should last at least a year