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Ebb & Flow System • Consistent & Automated Hydration
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The Arion Smart Arena™ ebb and flow system waters the arena surface ‘from below’ – and you don’t even notice it! Therefore, the horses can stay in the arena around the clock. It also provides high-capacity drainage during rain events.

The Arion Smart Arena™ can be used as a footing base in indoor and outdoor horse arenas for any discipline.

Arion Smart Arena™ Layers

Eliminate the need for sprinklers and manual watering.

horse arena ebb and flow watering system layers
Native Soil and/or Base Layer
Pan Liner
Sand, Pipe and Water
Separation Layer

1. A liner is laid over the native soil or a compacted base.

2. A pipe array is installed over the liner and connected to the water source and smart controls.

3. The liner and pipes are covered with sand.

4. A separation cloth or OTTO Sport Base Mats are placed over the sand.

5. Footing mixture is installed on the top.

water drop

The Arion Smart Arena™ is the most efficient water-saving equestrian arena base system available. Drastically lowering water usage, Arion conserves up to 75% of water compared with overhead watering systems.

All Weather Arena = Ride in Any Weather

How the Arion Smart Arena™ works

Water flows in from a pipe system underground and wicks to the surface; water also drains out to keep the surface at the perfect hydration.

A. Water Storage

Water is stored within a sand layer (water storage layer) underneath the footing. A waterproof pan liner keeps it all contained.

Water flows through a pipe array into the water storage layer. The process of evaporation wicks water up to the surface keeping the footing perfectly hydrated at all times.

B. Automated Smart Controls

Water level is monitored through a sensor that connects to a programable controller. The controller operates a fill valve to bring water in as well as pumps to move water out after rainfall. Arion can connect to the internet for remote diagnostics, service fault alerts, and software updates.

Arion Smart Arena control panelBenefits of the Arion Smart Arena™ Control Cabinet:

  • Made in the USA
  • Parts and supplies are readily available
  • Uses 110v, eliminating electrical shortages and incompatible European circuits with US wiring
  • Contains 2 levels of surge protection
  • Wifi enabled – login from any location to diagnose, drain or fill system

C. Water Flows In

As moisture evaporates from the footing, water stored under the footing wicks up through the surface. Arion will add more water as needed, via the pipe array, to keep the footing at the perfect moisture level from sunup to sundown without interruption.

D. Water Drains Out

Pumps can evacuate excess water quickly during heavy rainfall. Arion can drain water at up to 18,000 gallons or 4 inches per hour.

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