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ArenaAid Textile Footing Product

ArenaAid is our most popular footing for dressage, jumping, and vaulting in moderate to high-traffic arenas. Also great when arena is used for turnouts and lunging.

NEW! Small-grind ArenaAid can be used in all purpose, pleasure, and western footing.

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Features of ArenaAid Footing

ArenaAid’s nylon & polyester fibers stabilize a wide variety of sands. It can be mixed with new sand, and is ideal for mixing with existing sand.

Note: The final color of your footing may vary from what is shown.

The unique formula of fibers gives sand a structure by trapping loose, rolling particles. Get the performance of a textile arena without the cost of replacing all of your sand.

  • Retains moisture and reduces dust
  • Prevents over-compaction
  • ArenaAid increases stability, cushion, cupping, rebound, and grip.

Learn more about surface characteristics

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ArenaAid Pricing

Starting at 39¢ per square foot

ArenaAid Arena Footing Calculator

Get an average delivered price within the U.S.
This is an average delivered price, which includes freight and delivery. Price is subject to change based on location, square footage, sand depth, and sand type.

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Requirements for ArenaAid Footing

ArenaAid is a neutral, non-toxic, non-allergenic material that will not affect humans or animals.

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Sand Particle Size

Blends with an assortment of sands. Particle size will be the most important factor in sand requirement. A medium to fine sand with sub-angular particles is best.

0.6 to 0.105 mm (#30 – #140)

Sand Data Sheet (ASTM/USA Sieve)
Print this PDF to take to your sand quarry

Medium fine and fine sand 510x288
Moisture high 85x60


Water is required to keep sand particles mixed with the textiles and fibers.

Textiles and fibers mixed with sand
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Grooming Equipment

A wide range of grooming equipment can be used.

We recommend something with tines that will churn the sand and product, as well as something that can create compaction.

Texas Rose Equestrian Center

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ArenaAid increases stability, cushion, cupping, rebound, and grip.

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We installed ArenaAid into our arena and could not be more thrilled. It has the attributes of the footing we had at our last farm without the negatives. That prior footing, while fantastic for competition, could be a bit firm for every day riding. ArenaAid has given us high performance footing suitable for daily training at an unbelievably competitive price.

Gina MilesUS Eventing Silver Medalist

We added ArenaAid to our large arena to help with cushion, water retention, and stabilization of the sand. We are beyond thrilled with the outcome! Everyone that rides on it is amazed at how nice it feels- night and day from before we put it in. Thank you Premier!

Steffen and Shannon PetersArroyo Del Mar