550 Gallon Water Wagon Trailer


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SKU: 5-580

The 550 Gallon Premier Water Wagon Trailer hauls and applies large volumes of water around the farm or property. It’s powered by an engine and pump to apply variable amounts of water from either the rear spray nozzles or spot application with the spray hose. The flow of water from the tank can be turned on and off from the seat of the tow vehicle.

Built on a low-riding proprietary frame, our compact water trailer is ideally suited for smaller tow vehicles such as compact tractors and trucks.

Premier Equestrian’s water tank trailer is an invaluable and versatile tool for your water application needs.

  • Horse arenas, farms, and more!
  • Hydration & dust abatement
  • Washing & spot watering

Not for use on public roadways.

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Water Wagon Features

Pin hitch system
ball hitch system

Ball, Pin or Pintle Hitch

Adjustable Hitch System

Quickly & easily connect the water tank trailer to your tow vehicle. The hitch can be adjusted to properly line up with the tongue of the water wagon to a variety of hitch heights for ease of use and different size tucks and compact tractors.

Choose your hitch system when you order the Premier Water Wagon

trailer frame

Purpose-Built Rugged Steel Frame

Built Better Than The Rest

A water trailer is only as good as the frame it’s built upon. This frame is purpose-built, NOT converted car haulers or a purchased component (like many competitors’). We design and build our own frames, giving us complete control of durability, safety, and functionality. Our water wagon frames are constructed of fully-welded steel (no wood!), have an adjustable hitch with choice of coupler, and feature leaf-spring or torsion suspension.

water tank on trailer

Full-Drain Custom Molded Water Tank

Invest in a water trailer that’s easy to clean and maintain

Each water tank is rotationally-molded and fully drains for easy cleaning. Many competitors’ tanks do not fully drain, making it nearly impossible to thoroughly clean (needed for potable water usage) or flush out sediment from filling the tank with pond water. The elliptical tank creates easy access, a lower center of gravity, and helps to minimize water sloshing during use.

127cc Briggs and Stratton motor

127cc Briggs & Stratton Engine

Delivers More Power

The Briggs & Stratton engine features an automotive-style air filter, cast iron cylinder sleeve, and dual ball bearings for longer life. The powerful 127cc engine with Overhead Valve Design (OHV) runs cooler and cleaner delivering more power, smoother operation, longer engine life, and improved fuel economy.

Briggs & Stratton motor and plumbing wywtem

Motor, Pump, & Plumbing System

Enable Precision Application Of Water

The motor, pump, & plumbing systems are equipped with the best quality input, output, and recirculation valves. You’ll have the ability to adjust water pressure and flow from the engine, the valves, or a combination of the two.

Spray System with 2 Brass Nozzles

Ensures A Consistent Application Of Water

Two brass nozzles on the water wagon’s rear spray system ensure a consistent application of water to the ground when configured with a motor and pump. The nozzles provide superb coverage and can be adjusted to direct the spray as desired. The flow can be adjusted from the recirculation valve.

Easy On/Off Flow Control

Without Getting Off Of The Tractor Or ATV

A ratcheting valve and attached rope enables the tractor operator to turn the flow of water on and off without getting off of the towing vehicle! Shutting off water flow when traveling over areas that have already been watered conserves water and eliminates inconsistent or over-watering that can be detrimental in certain applications.

Our 550 Gallon Water Wagon Trailer is designed to save time so you can water down the arena quickly and efficiently.

Auto-Fill Shut Off

Saves Time, Hassle, & Worry

This valve automatically shuts off the flow of water from a garden hose when the water tank is full, saving time and worry. Now you can fill the tank overnight or continue on with your day’s work, and the water tank trailer will be full and ready to spray when you are. This water wagon saves time and will easily work with your schedule.

Water Wagon spray hose

Convenient, Powerful Spray Hose

Perfect For Countless Applications

The spray hose is perfect for cleaning projects, watering landscaping, filling troughs, fire protection, and countless other applications! Easily stores on the water wagon’s carrying rack and includes quick-couplers to connect and disconnect with ease.
This hose comes standard on all Premier Water Wagons

Pond Fill hose

Quick Pond Fill System

Easy Filling Of The Tank

The quick-fill system allows easy filling of the water tank from a pond or other available water source in mere minutes. The hose features quick couplers and conveniently stores on the carrying rack of the water tank trailer. This hose is optional and costs $284

Buy the Pond Fill Hose
made in the USA flag

Made in the USA

“Made in America” is one statement our company is proud of. We’ve found our American business partners to be honorable and ethical as well as committed to producing the highest quality product available.

Tank Capacity 550 Gallons
Unit Weight (Empty) 1,200 lbs.
Unit Weight (Full Tank) 5,800 lbs.
Unit Length 141″
Unit Width 79″
Unit Height 68″
Tow Vehicle Type Tractor or Truck tractor icon pickup truck icon
Min. Tractor H.P. (Level Terrain) 35 H.P. 4WD
Frame Construction Welded Channel Steel
5″ Tall x 3″ Wide x 3/16″ Thick
Ground Clearance Wall 12″ at wheels – 8″ at hitch
Tires 2 (Two)
Hitch Type Optional: 2 5/16″ Ball or 5/8″ Pin or Pintle
Hitch Height Adjustable from 8.5″ – 17″
Tank Type Elliptcal Rotationally Molded
Tank Color White
Tank Drainage Full Drain
Spray Nozzles 2 (Two) Rear Brass
Spray Coverage 6′ – 20′
Motor Brand Honda
Motor Power 160cc Displacement 6.9 lb-ft Torque Net,
4.6 HP Net
Pump Brand Pacer
Pump Construction 2″ Polypropylene
Priming Self-priming
Spray Hose Standard
Quick Fill System Optional
Farm / Property Only Yes
Commercial / On-Road No
Warranty 36 Months
Made In USA Yes

This page explains shipping & delivery, offloading, and inspecting for damage.

Due to the size and weight of this product, please be prepared for delivery. If anything is a concern, call 800-611-6109 immediately.

Resources to help you:

Shipping & Delivery

COVID has slowed down shipping times. We’ll discuss exact times when you place your order. Once your order ships, we send an invoice with tracking information.

A freight truck will deliver your Premier Water Wagon and can be up to 53′ long. The trucking company will call to schedule an appointment for delivery. When speaking to the trucking company, talk to them about the size of the truck and how to get in and out of your property.

blue freight truck

Offloading the Water Wagon

The Premier Water Wagon is delivered inside a palleted crate. Unless you previously arranged for roll off services, offloading from the truck is your responsibility.

What You’ll Need for Offloading:

We suggest using a tractor with forks/bucket or a forklift. If you paid for a liftgate, this can assist with lowering tools to the ground.

blue forklift and tractor

Inspect the delivery before the driver leaves.

We cannot help you if damage isn’t noted on the driver’s delivery receipt. You will have to file the claim and prove the damage occurred during shipment.

Damage to the pallet or packaging doesn’t necessarily mean your Water Wagon is damaged. If you suspect hidden damage, indicate ‘possible damage’ on the delivery slip. Sign to receive it, then photograph the damage and call us.

For major damage, contact Premier Equestrian at 800-611-6109 immediately.

signing for delivery

The Premier Water Wagon is warranted for thirty six (36) months from the date of the original invoice against defects in materials and/or workmanship but only when put to the normal and designed consumer and commercial uses and in accordance with the user instruction manual provided with the Premier Water Wagon and instructions on the Premier Equestrian website or marketing materials specific to a Premier Water Wagon.

Download Warranty

Setting Up Your Premier Water Wagon

  • The hitch is shipped inverted and attached to trailer. You will need to remove it, flip it 180° and attach it to your water trailer.
  • Check your oil before first use.
  • Water Wagons shipped during cold months or to cold regions are shipped with RV Antifreeze already run through the plumbing to prevent freeze damage.

Video Guides


The Motor

Optional Hoses

The Pump

Filling the Tank

Valve Overview

Recirculation Valve

Pond Fill Valve

Spray Hose & Valve

Spray Nozzles

Rear Sprayer Controls

Starting the Motor

Maintenance and Cleaning

2 Gallons Bleach and 3 quarters full of tank full of water. Drive around and let it agitate around. Then let it soak for a few hours. Drive around again then drain and rinse.

Greasing the Bearings


Run  3-4 gallons of RV antifreeze in through entire system – all hoses, nozzles, and pumps. This will lubricate and prevent freezing and breakage. After circulating through pumps, open ratchet valve and once you see the pink spraying out the back, you will know that it has circulated and the entire system has been properly lubricated. Leave about 2 gallons of the RV Antifreeze in the tank to store for winter.

Draining & Winterizing