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Too Many Flies Last Summer? Don’t Put Up With That Again!

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    Fly Control for Horses

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    Four Steps To Fly Free

    We recommend a simple four step plan that really fixes the problem, rather than just chase flies away temporarily. For most folks just adding Fly Predators® is all that’s needed but if you have flies coming from neighbors, adding traps and Bye Bye Odor® to handle those “visitors” completes the program.


    1. Identify the Fly

    Determine what kinds of flies are bugging you and if they are coming from your animals or the neighbors. Different flies come from different places and require different strategies to eliminate.


    2. Stop Future Flies

    Fly Predators Stop flies from reproducing by cleaning up the areas where they breed (manure/rotting organic matter) and adding Fly Predators. Many people just go after adult flies buzzing around but that’s only about 15% of the population at any time. If you don’t stop the future ones you’ll be plagued all summer.

    Fly Predators kill flies before they emerge. You simply sprinkle them near all manure areas every three to four weeks during warm months. It just takes a few minutes and you’ve done your fly control for the month.

    Make Sure You Get Real Fly Predators

    Some fly bugs sold under other brand names are not the same as Fly Predators. The species are different and the difference in performance can be huge!


    3. Get Adult Flies Fly Traps

    If needed, add traps to get adult flies. Most horse owners will need three different trap types as no one trap catches every fly. We offer the most effective traps, proven by USDA tests, and the best how to use info.

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    4. Don’t Invite More – Fly Control for Horses

    Flies have a tremendous sense of smell. If you ever wondered why there are more in your barn than elsewhere, it’s likely BO, barn odor. Use Bye Bye Odor to eliminate harmful ammonia and barn odor. Let the flies find someone else’s stinky barn instead.

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