Dressage Arena Letters & Flower Boxes

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What are dressage arena letters used for?

Dressage, the French word for training, is a form of horse riding performed in exhibitions, competitions, and training. It focuses on the mastery of memorized movements and patterns in a calm, controlled manner by both horse and rider.

Dressage has been around for centuries, in various forms, as noted by the Greek military leader and historian Xenophon in early 300 BC. Modern dressage has evolved from the Renaissance publications in the 1500s. It is an equestrian sport at all levels, from amateur competition to the Olympics.

Dressage arena lettering is used to mark the arena, so the rider and judges know where each maneuver will be executed. The dressage letters for an arena do not follow an alphabetical pattern and must be memorized, often using popular mnemonics. To learn more about the history of the meaning behind dressage arena letters, read our blog.

Are these high-quality and long-lasting dressage letters?

Knowing that dressage letters are an integral part of the sport, arena owners and dressage enthusiasts agree that owning a set of high-quality dressage letters is essential. Premier Equestrian offers a wide variety of arena letters that can be displayed in different ways to fit your particular arena. We offer arena letters for:

  • Fence posts, rails, and boxes
  • Walls, doors, and vertical posts
  • Stand-alone and ground-level

We also offer letters applied directly onto flower boxes and flower towers on four sides for maximum visibility.

Each Premier Equestrian product comes in different sizes to accommodate various fence post and flower pot sizes. Our products are made to fit Premier Equestrian arenas and accommodate a wide variety of fencing and other arenas. Our letters are built to last and withstand the natural elements. They are UV-treated, waterproof, and windproof and will not shatter, crack, peel, chip, or fade. They can be purchased as a single product or in a dressage letter package.

Premier Equestrian is the number one competition choice, and our products have been featured in national and global events.

What are the best arena letters for dressage arenas?

Depending on what arena letters you would like for your dressage arena, there’s room for customization. You can use letters that are attached to walls, hung on rails or flower boxes, letters that stand independently, and more. Regarding quality, Premier Equestrian manufactures and sells the finest dressage letters for arenas. Letters are silk screened on a special UV-treated material to prevent cracking, breaking, fading, or shattering, so they’ll last for years.

Should I use flower boxes for my arena?

This comes down to preference. Dressage flower boxes offer more room to add foliage and color to a dressage arena compared to the Berkshire and Tower dressage letters. However, flower boxes aren’t required. A benefit of Premier Equestrian flower boxes is that the letters can be detached easily so the flower box can be used for other purposes.

How many arena letters do I need for my arena?

This depends on the size of your arena. If you have a 20 x 40 meter arena, you’ll want a set of eight dressage arena letters (A, K, E, H, C, M, B, F). If you have a 20 x 60 meter arena, also known as a standard-size dressage arena, you’ll want a set of 12 dressage arena letters (A, K, V, E, S, H, C, M, R, B, P, F). You can find all your solutions for dressage arena letters here.