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OTTO Sport Arena Base Mats

The OTTO Sport Base Mat system offers drainage, stability, shock absorption, and arena longevity. The system creates a true all-weather arena that many riders need to maintain hectic training schedules. Clearly the world’s best arena base mats, OTTO Sport has chosen Premier Equestrian as its official North American distributor.

Concussion Absorption

Stability for Horse & Rider

Maximum Drainage

Water Conservation

Mat Footing for Equestrian Arenas and Round Pens

The OTTO Sport Arena Base Mat is made of resilient material, specially designed to go underneath the footing layer in equestrian arenas and round pens.

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OTTO Sport Arena Base Mats absorb up to 40% of the energy caused by the foot fall and return energy back to the horse.

OTTO paddock mat top and bottom
Drainage Holes
Traction Knobs
Locking Rings


Drainage holes double as locking rings to prevent mat shifting, creating a separation between footing and the sub-base.


Reservoirs hold water, releasing it back into the footing to maintain even hydration.


Traction Knobs of varied heights prevent the horse from slipping while allowing some hoof movement.


Locking Rings lock mats into the surface due to their conic shape. This prevents shifting and stones can't travel up into the footing.

Premier Equestrian is the official North American distributor for OTTO Sport.

OTTO Sport Arena Base Mats Pricing

OTTO Perforated Mat


Each mat is 46″ x 33.5″ (1 sq meter or 10.7 sq ft). Weight is approx. 38.6 lbs

Estimated cost only. Subject to change based on exact square footage and shipping. Aggregates and installation additional. Prices subject to change.

Order OTTO Sport Base Mats for your arena

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Helps Prevent Dangers and Injury

By installing an arena base mat system like OTTO Sport Arena Base Mats, you can prevent dangers in your equestrian arena and/or paddocks.

Avoid Injury to your horse! OTTO Sport Base Mats aid in preventing damage to joints and tendons.

Prevent slippery surfaces! OTTO Sport Base Mats feature flexible traction knobs to allow hoof movement but prevent slippery steps, and the mats act as a drainage layer to keep excess water away from your riding surface.

Keep rocks out of your footing! OTTO Sport Base Mats create a separation layer for your arena footing.

Reliable and Quick Drainage

Farewell to puddles and closed arenas

Water puddles are annoying and dangerous. OTTO Sport Arena Base Mats are designed to drain excessive water quickly. Combined with a suitable sub-base and a water-permeable footing, 252 holes in each mat provide fast drainage of excess water making the arena useable immediately after heavy rain.

The layer under the arena mats creates a pathway for high-volume vertical drainage. Traditional arena bases are designed for water to flow over them (horizontal drainage) and can be slow. OTTO Sport Arena Base Mats allow water to flow through quickly.

Water Storage

Keeps footing moist and money in your pocket

A system of water cups on the top side of the arena mats hold enough water to consistently supply the footing with moisture for an extended period of time.

Each mat holds up to one gallon of water. That equals 1,200 gallons for a standard 20m x 60m dressage court! The entire surface maintains even hydration for a more consistent footing.

Concussion Absorption

Protect Your Horse’s Tendons and Joints

Bent_OTTO PerforatedMat

Concussion absorption

Horses apply a considerable amount of force to the surface, especially when jumping.

OTTO Sport Arena Base Mats absorb more than 40% of the force applied on the surface (Based on a scientific study by the German Association for Technical Inspection). This means that the surface absorbs a large part of the force instead of traveling back into the horses’ legs, straining joints, tendons and ligaments.


Return the energy

In addition to shock absorption, an ideal riding surface returns a part of the applied force. This helps horses conserve and recycle energy as they aren’t working against the surface.

OTTO Perforated Mat

Due to the ideal density of the recycled PVC material used to produce the OTTO Sport Base Mats, the mat not only absorbs a large part of the force applied on it, but it also provides the horses’ legs with the optimal amount of rebound.

Skid Resistance

​Lean back and relax … or rather lean sideways

Horses accelerating and making sharp turns need especially good grip and must not slip.

A system of high and low traction-knobs maximize stability in the footing and prevents horses from slipping – a clear advantage during sharp turns. OTTO Sport Arena Mats provide enough grip while allowing some movement of the hoof, minimizing concussion and hyper-flexion of tendons and ligaments during each phase of movement.

Clean Separation of Layers

Everything stays where it is supposed to – including the Mat itself

Sideview_OTTO PerforatedMat


OTTO Sport Base Mats create a clean and durable separation between sub-base (in most cases crushed stone) and footing (sand/textile blend).

otto sport base mat

Conic-shaped locking rings on the bottom side of the mats secure them into the sub-base to prevent shifting and creating a durable separation layer to prevent base stones from traveling up into the footing.

Otto Sport Paddock Mats

Interlocking Mats Expansion Gaps vs. Expansion Gaps
Any material tends to expand when warming and contract when cooling. For large areas like paddocks or equestrian arenas, even a slight expansion has a great impact, such as waves in the surface. Systems that interlock or install edge-to-edge will bulge out when warming. Sand can trickle down in the emerging cavities, forcing the mat up and dislodging it from its initial position.

OTTO Sport Base Mats are installed with an expansion gap between each mat. During strong temperature changes, the mats can expand and shrink without affecting neighboring mats. Along with the locking rings and weight holding them in place, sand cannot get under the mats, eliminating bulging and shifting of the surface.


Do it right once – be happy forever

OTTO Sport Arena Mats have been installed on more than 5,000 equestrian facilities throughout the world and have impressively proven maximum performance and durability. OTTO Sport gives a 20-year warranty on the Mats when installed according to specifications.

20 years warranty

OTTO Sport Customers

Horse welfare remains the priority during our 12-week circuit. Based on our review and feedback from the riders, we were in agreement that the surface needed total replacement to meet the caliber of competition that we are hosting. OTTO Sport Arena Mats met those requirements 100%.

Michael Stone, President of ESPWellington International (formerly Palm Beach International Equestrian Center)

It’s important for horses that the surface is neither too hard nor too smooth; it has to move some. Additionally, the surface ought to have a good degree of moisture but not muddy nor too dry. OTTO Sport mats fulfill these requirements. We also use OTTO mats in our indoor arena as we need footing which is level but not slippery. The knobs on the mats provide a good consistency so horses will find a strong foothold.

Klaus BalkenholRosendahl, Germany

Order OTTO Sport Arena Base Mats for your arena

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