FireHorse Rescue Kit

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  • horse wearing a black blindfold for fire safety

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    Fire Safety and Evacuation Kit for Equestrians

    Don’t leave your barn at risk! Our original kit features a selection of items handpicked by career firefighters and lifelong equestrians to maximize barn fire safety. The 100% made in the USA case is constructed of exceptionally durable but lightweight plastic and custom foam to secure and protect our selection of fire prevention and equestrian safety items.

    Each FireHorse Rescue Kit includes:

    • Two (2) easy-to-use fire sprays (similar in size and execution as a bottle of hairspray and intended for quick spot fire extinguishing)
    • Five (5) of our custom-made equine blindfolds*
    • One (1) pair of fire gloves
    • One (1) fire blanket
    • One (1) hay thermometer
    • One (1) high power LED flashlight
    • One (1) 31’ rescue rope
    • One (1) handheld glass breaker

    *We recommend ordering additional blindfolds to match the number of stalls or horses, or purchasing a second kit in the event of larger barns.


    The Case & What’s Inside

    Minutes count! All FireHorse’s equipment is designed to give users quick access to life and property saving tools.

    black plastic case

    The Case

    We’ve designed this ultra durable and easy to carry case so that it can be prominently displayed in the barn aisle, making for direct access for anyone in the event of an emergency.
    • 100% MADE IN THE USA
    • Lightweight, durable, & weather resistant
    • 2 layers of custom cut foam to protect and secure all items

    cans of fire spray

    Handheld Extinguishers

    Each kit includes two (2) easy to use, point & spray extinguishers for small fires, especially hay, shavings, or feed room flames. These sprays are certified and water based, so are not intended for electrical fires. An excellent alternative to more cumbersome, full-size extinguishers, these also require less maintenance and will be readily available in the case.

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