Horse Arena Footing Products

For over a decade, we’ve studied how equestrian arena surfaces interact with horse biomechanics. Each Premier footing product is designed to enhance and compliment different qualities of existing and new arena sand to benefit horse performance and prevent injury. Premier Equestrian’s riding arena footing material is formulated for both indoor riding arenas and outdoor arenas for optimal performance under any conditions.

Premier Textile & Fiber Footing Products

Stabilize Sand & Retain Moisture
pile of textile for horse arenas

Premier ProTex™

Footing Product

Premier ProTex™ product’s polyester textiles & fibers create the highest performance footing for dressage and jumping.


Premier ArenaAid®

Footing Product

Nylon, polyester fibers and rubber mix with a wide variety of sands to aid in stabilization.


Premier All Purpose

Footing Product

A smaller chop of nylon & polyester fibers makes Premier All Purpose product a perfect solution for the not-so-perfect sand.


Premier Rubber Footing Products

Increase Cushion & Reduce Compaction

Premier ProStride™

Footing Product

Premier ProStride™ rubber product mixes with sand to reduce and prevent compaction. It’s low maintenance too!



Footing Product

This open-cell rubber product reduces compaction, adds spring, and retains moisture in your arena footing.


Premier Footing™ Product

Premier Footing™ product is a proprietary blend of our premium footing products and silica sand. Shipped in super sacs, this arena footing product is easy to install. Our riding arena footing material is formulated to create the best experience for both horse and rider, with minimal upkeep and superior arena footing performance. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your indoor riding arena footing or find a better solution for outdoor riding arena footing upkeep, Premier Footing™ does it all.

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Arena Hydration & Low Dust Arena Footing Products

arena dust control additive

Slow Dust

Keep dust out of the air! Water-activated polymer networks bind dust particles. Moisture will be retained and the need to water your arena can be reduced by 50%.

HydroKeep arena footing


This safe, non-toxic chemical crystal can reduce your arena watering by 50%! Using Hydro-Keep in a no-brainer to keep your arena surface at optimal moisture.


Laura Graves loves her Premier Equestrian footing

Working closely with this top-level dressage rider, we customized a blend of textiles and fibers that fit her specific needs. After finding the right footing for her arena, we were able to engineer the perfect blend that fit her and her horses’ needs.

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What do arena footing products do?

Layer1 roots
Layer2 fibers

Textiles and fibers retain moisture and stabilize sand by binding loose particles. Fibers mimic the effects of a grass rooting system. The horses’ hooves ride on top of the surface rather than in it. These materials require a specific blend of sand, as well as water and specific grooming equipment.

Serrano footing 400

Rubber enhances sands that compact very hard. The rubber creates a void, thus reducing the ability to compact fully, improving cushion and drainage. It’s great for well-graded, angular sands that are prone to compaction. Rubber is ideal when you don’t have access to water as it isn’t required to bind to sand particles.

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