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Horse Arena Base Products and Systems

Equestrian Arena Base Systems

The footing base and sub-base create a consistent and solid foundation for the footing layer in riding arenas, round pens, turnouts, and paddocks. Premier Equestrian offers a variety of arena base construction techniques and services, depending on your needs and budget.

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Types of Horse Arena Base Systems

These arena base options can be used for any discipline in indoor and outdoor arenas. They provide drainage and mud control and prevent erosion. Shop our base products for a system that matches your budget and specific riding arena base needs.

Riding arena hydration diagram

Arion Ebb & Flow Arena

Automated arena watering and drainage

The Arion Smart Arena ebb and flow is an underground water system. It provides consistent hydration from below and pumps water out during heavy rainfall.

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OTTO Sport Arena Mats

Stability, longevity, drainage & water storage

The best horse arena base material around, this mat system provides stability, cushion, rebound, and fast drainage.

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Free Draining Base

Excellent drainage with separation of layers

A geotextile cloth separates the base layer from footing. Water percolates vertically for fast drainage.

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Compacted Stone Base

Economical, moderate drainage, durable

The base is sloped or crowned so water can run to an edge and be drained away.


How to Build a Horse Arena Base

We’re proud to offer unique approaches that fit every budget and preference. Our riding arena construction experts can guide you over the phone, consult with you and your contractor, or employ a team of builders to construct and install your arena surface.

Do It Yourself

For the experienced DIY-er, horse riding arena construction that yields an effective arena is within reach. We’ll guide you through the process of installing and maintaining your own footing. Riding arena construction is great for those who like hands-on projects with the bonus of significant financial savings.

Choose An Arena Base Construction Plan

This approach takes the guesswork out of building a horse arena! Choose one of our pre-drafted blueprint options. Arena base construction plans are civil engineered for longevity and durability. Each comes complete with technical drawings and specs. Any licensed contractor, excavator, or arena builder will have a clear picture of horse-riding arena construction from the ground up.

Hire A Builder

Hire a construction company or general contractor in your area and our expert arena specialists can offer collaborative consultations to help make your horse arena construction project a success. We will provide step-by-step instructions and support to you and your arena builder to make sure your arena looks and functions its best when complete.

Turnkey With a Premier Builder

When you want unmatched peace of mind and the highest quality arena construction, entrust your horse riding arena to the experts. We have vetted, highly experienced arena construction partners across the country who will work with us on your project from start to finish.

From Our Customers

"On rainy days we are so lucky to have this amazing, covered arena with Premier Equestrian Footing and Otto Sport Arena Mats! Show prep and training never miss a beat at Peridot!"

Peridot EquestrianSan Marcos, CA

“Beyond grateful for our amazing footing and drainage system that allows our riders to get back to training the very next day after a massive rainstorm! No puddles, no slippery spots… just perfect!"

Steffen and Shannon PetersArroyo Del Mar, San Diego, CA

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Quality arena construction is vital for a lasting investment that performs well year after year. At Premier Equestrian, our knowledge, resources, products, and services are here to help you finally create the perfect riding surface for your home or business.

Whether you’re improving an existing arena or building new, start by talking to a Premier Equestrian arena expert.

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