Premier Hydro-Keep Arena Hydrator


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    Hydro-Keep Water Retention Additive

    Premier Hydro-Keep is a safe, non-toxic chemical crystal that can reduce your arena watering by 50%! The crystal expands when wet, absorbing and retaining water. Over time as the soil dries, the crystal contracts, gradually releasing water and hydrating the surrounding area. As an added benefit, this continuous expansion and contraction reduces soil compaction.


    Research shows that Hydro-Keep super absorbent polymers can release up to 95% of the water absorbed, making it available for your surface. One pound of Hydro-Keep can absorb 40 gallons of tap water and 31 gallons of rain water. With an essentially neutral pH, Hydro-Keep will break down into nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water with no residual toxicity. Hydro-Keep can be added to any of our other additives for enhanced moisture retention.

    How many bags will you need?

    Sold in 55 lb. bags. Each bag covers 6,900 square feet.


    • Retains water in your arena
    • Reduce watering intervals
    • Helps reduce dust
    • Used indoors and outdoors
    • Lasts up to three years
    • Non-toxic and safe for horses

    “My dressage arena gets used constantly – and for everything, not just dressage. We jump, play and ride in there with several horses every day. I used to have to water it twice a day and even then it was dusty after a couple of hours with the dry Colorado air. Since mixing in Hydro-Keep, I water it every 3 – 4 days. That is just amazing to me. It is economical to use and it’s saving me a lot in tractor/equipment use and valuable water supplies.”

    Linda ParelliParelli Natural Horsemanship

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