Arena Base Construction Plans

Building an equestrian arena requires specific knowledge that is not widely-known in the construction trades. Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of guesswork for your chosen contractor to navigate and makes it difficult for you to shop for competitive bids.

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Our Plans

Our Equestrian Base Construction Plans will give a clear picture to any licensed contractor, excavator, or arena builder for building your arena. These plans enable you to get competitive bids and ensures your contractor is following protocol, using the correct materials, and doing the job right.

Along with helping you find a more suitable contractor, our plans are also civil-engineered and include technical drawings covering the build from the ground up. All aspects of your arena building project are detailed including: grading, compaction, drainage, materials, testing, and fence and kickboard design. You can also submit our plans for building permits, if needed.

Complete Equestrian Base Construction PlansComplete Plan

$ 995

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  •  3 Large Construction Plans
  •  Materials and Aggregate list
  • 3 Bid packets
  • Access to source materials library
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Building Your Own Custom Construction Plan

Have confidence knowing you’re buying the blueprints for your new equestrian arena from a trusted source that offers the highest standards in the industry for best construction practices and code compliance. Call us to learn more at 800-611-6109

Base System Options

Compacted base layers half size

Compacted Stone Base

Free draining base layers half size 400

Free Draining Base

OTTO mat base layers half size

OTTO Sport Base Mat System

Arena Enclosure Options

Horse cantering on Premier Footing 510x288

Perimeter fence with kickboards

Kickboards only

Arena Sizes

Standard sized plans are readily available, or we can work with you on a custom size at an additional cost. Call us to discuss at 800-611-6109

Arena plans dressage railroad tie only

Dressage Arena 20 x 60 meters

12,915 s.f.

Arena plans dressage 26x66

Dressage Arena 26 x 66 meters

18,468 s.f.

Arena plans white fence

All Purpose Arena 100’ x 200’ feet

20,000 s.f.

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