Mud Control Grids

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Premier Equestrian is the leader in ground and paddock mud control grids, an important addition to any horse facility. Horse paddock mats, also known as a hoof grid or stable ground grid, alleviate a muddy paddock and other areas by promoting drainage while creating a consistent stable floor surface for equines. Horse paddock mats help in maintaining a clean, safe paddock area. Installing Premier’s mud control grids can lead to improvements in horse health through better drainage, concussion mitigation and stability for horse and rider.

We offer two grid system options to fit your needs. The Premier Geo Grid is an economical grid system for preventing erosion and used in a variety of spaces including driveways, stables, pastures, and gate entrances. Our OTTO Sports Mats are designed specifically for equestrian sports and are used in horse arenas or round pens, protecting your horse from joint damage due to concussion.