Mud Control Grids

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    Premier Geo Grid Mats for Drainage and Mud Control

    For Farms and Paddocks

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    OTTO Sport Mats (Set of 50)

    For Arenas & Round Pens

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    Geo Grid for Ground Stabilization

    For Driveways and Grass

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Premier Equestrian is the leader in ground and paddock mud control grids, an important addition to any horse facility. Horse paddock mats, also known as a hoof grid or stable ground grid, alleviate a muddy paddock and other areas by promoting drainage while creating a consistent stable floor surface for equines. Horse paddock mats help in maintaining a clean, safe paddock area. Installing Premier’s mud control grids can lead to improvements in horse health through better drainage, concussion mitigation and stability for horse and rider.

We offer two grid system options to fit your needs. The Premier Geo Grid is an economical grid system for preventing erosion and used in a variety of spaces including driveways, stables, pastures, and gate entrances. Our OTTO Sports Mats are designed specifically for equestrian sports and are used in horse arenas or round pens, protecting your horse from joint damage due to concussion.

Too much mud can pose a health risk to your horse or farm animals like dogs or livestock. That’s why Premier Equestrian creates the best mud control mats and horse paddock mud control products on the market. Experience the difference Premier Equestrian mud control products make for horse health and arena longevity. Our grid systems are proven time and time again to be the best mud control mats for horses and other animals. Visit our selection and find the best option for you today.

What mud control mats are the best for horse paddocks?

One of the most significant challenges to maintaining horse paddocks is mud control and drainage. Unfortunately, mud can create many challenges for horses, including abscesses, rain rot, poor hoof health, ligament strain, and much more.

Consider factors such as durability, ease of installation, maintenance requirements, and cost when choosing the best mud control mats for your horse paddocks. Additionally, consulting with a professional like Premier Equestrian can provide valuable insights into which option would work best for your specific needs.

At Premier Equestrian, we recommend our Premier Geo Grid Mats for paddock mud control. These heavy duty ground grids are easy to install and built to last for years of protection. Premier Geo Grid Mats are made of interconnected cells that allow grass to grow through while providing stability and support.They’re effective at reducing mud and soil compaction, and they offer excellent drainage. The mats are made from durable materials that can withstand heavy horse traffic.

How many mud control grids do I need?

It depends on your space. Premier Geo Grids are excellent for drainage and ground stabilization, but you’ll need just the right number to cover every square foot of your area. Our Geo Grid mat product pages feature calculators that will help you determine how many grids you need based on your space.

How well do mud control mats works?

When installed and maintained correctly, mud control mats are an incredibly effective long-term solution for paddocks, round pens, corrals, runs, pastures, pathways, and other arenas around your farm and barn. Premier Geo Grid Mats create a stable ground grid, promote drainage, and prevent mud to help maintain a clean surface area, making it safer and more sanitary for horses and other animals.

How long does it take to install mud control mats?

Installation for Premier Geo Grid Mats is incredibly easy. First, you’ll need to install a drainage layer of three to six inches of gravel on top of the native soil. Then, you’ll install the Geo Grid layer. Each section locks together to form stable, reinforced ground protection. Next, a top layer of grass, gravel, footing, sand, or stone dust must be installed. Mats that are not properly installed may shift, buckle, or fail to provide adequate mud control.

What material are Premier Geo Grid Mats made from?

Our mud control grid systems are made from HDPE—reinforced high-density polyethylene. They’re an effective, non-toxic, safe ground grid for horses and other animals. Each grid section is 13.11” L x 13.11” W x 1.875” T and weighs 1.4 pounds with cell walls ⅛” thick. These incredibly stable grids are temperature-resistant from -40 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

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