OTTO Sport Mats (Set of 50)


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The set of 50 covers 535 sq ft and includes shipping. For larger quantities, mats are $29.95 each plus shipping. Contact us for special pricing.
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The set of 50 mats covers 535 sq ft and includes shipping. For larger quantities, mats are $29.50 each plus shipping. Contact us for special pricing.

OTTO Perforated Mat

OTTO Sport Base Mats are made of resilient material that is specially designed for equestrian sports. They are used in equestrian arenas and round pens, underneath the top layer to provide maximum drainage, water conservation, concussion mitigation and stability for horse and rider.

Each mat is 46″ x 33.5″ (1 sq meter or 10.7 sq ft) and weighs approximately 38.6 lbs.

Concussion Absorption

Stability for Horse & Rider

Maximum Drainage

Water Conservation

OTTO Sport Arena Base Mats absorb up to 40% of the energy caused by the foot fall and return energy back to the horse.

OTTO paddock mat top and bottom
Drainage Holes
Traction Knobs
Locking Rings


Drainage holes double as locking rings to prevent mat shifting, creating a separation between footing and the substance.


Reservoirs hold water, releasing it back into the footing to maintain even hydration.


Traction Knobs of varied heights prevent the horse from slipping while allowing some hoof movement.


Locking Rings lock mats into the surface due to their conic shape. This prevents shifting and stones can't travel up into the footing.

Premier Equestrian is the official North American distributor for OTTO Sport


Reliable and Quick Drainage

Farewell to puddles and closed arenas

Water puddles are annoying and dangerous. OTTO Sport Base Mats are designed to drain excess water quickly. Combined with a suitable sub-base and top layer, 252 holes in each mat provide fast drainage, making muddy arenas and round pens a thing of the past.

The layer under the mats creates a pathway for high-volume vertical drainage. Traditional arena bases are designed for water to flow over them (horizontal drainage) and can be slow. OTTO Sport Base Mats allow water to flow through quickly.

Water Storage

Keeps footing moist and money in your pocket

A system of water cups on the top side of the arena mats hold enough water to consistently supply the footing with moisture for an extended period of time.

Each mat holds up to one gallon of water. That equals 1,200 gallons for a standard 20m x 60m dressage court! The entire surface maintains even hydration for a more consistent footing.

Concussion Absorption

Protect Your Horse’s Tendons and Joints

Bent_OTTO PerforatedMat

Concussion absorption

Horses apply a considerable amount of force to the surface, especially when jumping.

OTTO Sport Arena Base Mats absorb more than 40% of the force applied on the surface (Based on a scientific study by the German Association for Technical Inspection). This means that the surface absorbs a large part of the force instead of traveling back into the horses’ legs, straining joints, tendons and ligaments.


Return the energy