Horse Stall Mats

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Rubber Stall Mats from Premier Equestrian

The most durable, resilient, and economical rubber stall mats on the market! Not only are they long-lasting and easy to clean, but our rubber stall mats also promote equine health and safety. Made from the highest quality vulcanized rubber, PE’s thick rubber horse stall mats are the perfect choice for any equine enthusiast. Choose between interlocking or straight edge stall mats that are built to last and fit perfectly in your space. Rubber stall mats will make stables easier to clean, require less bedding, prevent digging, and protect your horse with its shock-absorbent features. Learn more about our stable mats and find answers to your questions by visiting our Rubber Stall Mats FAQs.

Premier Equestrian is proud to say that it produces the best rubber horse stall mats on the market. They’re durable, easy to clean, and made of the highest quality vulcanized rubber. These horse stall mats are made in the USA and will come in either interlocking or straight edges, depending on your needs. Your horse will thank you when you trust Premier Equestrian horse mats.

What are the best stall mats for horses?

Premier Equestrian’s rubber horse stall mats are made of the finest materials to deliver the best value for your dollar. The vulcanized rubber provides exceptional cushioning for your horse and doesn’t absorb moisture, preventing mold growth and bacteria from settling in. The products also enjoy a 15-year warranty, so you know they’re built to last.

How thick should horse stall mats be?

Premier Equestrian’s horse stall mats measure just ¾ inches thick. This may not seem like much, but the thickness of this high-grade vulcanized rubber provides enough cushioning to create comfort for your horse. Other common thicknesses are ½ or ⅜ inches.

Why should I get rubber horse stall mats?

Rubber horse mats help improve your horses’ quality of life. They provide better insulation in cold weather, prevent dirt and manure from being tracked, and help prevent injuries by providing your horse with a comfortable place to stand. They also resist moisture that can cause bacteria or foul smells. Thankfully, rubber horse mats can last decades, so it’s an investment that protects your horse long-term.

What is the best kind of rubber stall mat for horses?

Horse mats with vulcanized rubber are the best choice for your horses. Other mats made of materials like polyurethane can absorb moisture, causing odor, bacteria, and mold growth. This moisture absorption also leads to faster deterioration. Vulcanized rubber is moisture-resistant to prevent these issues while providing a soft and shock-resistant service for your horse that is easy to clean.