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Premier Equestrian is North America’s leading expert on equestrian surfaces. Our expertise is verified by our distinguished list of clientele. Steffen Peters, Debbie McDonald, Laura Graves, Gina Miles, and Adrienne Lyle are a sample of the professionals that have called upon Premier Equestrian to design, supply, and build their arena surfaces.

Additionally, Premier Equestrian has helped thousands of amateur and backyard riders improve arenas in the U.S. and in Canada. 80% of our business comes from small farms, helping the average rider get the most out of limited budgets and resources.

Our products set us far apart from other suppliers. Premier Equestrian manufactures and distributes a full line of arena footing additives, our brands names include Protex, Athletex, and ArenaAid. We have developed a complete line of arena grooming equipment and continue to lead the pack in educating people about maintenance and grooming techniques. We are also the exclusive North American distributor for OTTO Sport arena products. OTTO Sport is known world-wide as the very best in arena construction materials.

The Premier Equestrian Team

Our staff is comprised of passionate horse enthusiasts, competitors, and trainers. Everything we do is focused on the well-being of the horse.

Premier Equestrian is a team of exceptional people dedicated to exceptional customer service. From our sales team to our logistics director each customer is regarded as ‘high-priority’ and deserving the best of care. We utilize the latest technology to provide our clients with timely, accurate, and efficient service.

Heidi Zorn – President & Co-Founder

Heidi started Premier Equestrian in 2000 with the goal of making safe and affordable arena products. Being an amateur dressage rider, Heidi saw the need in the market. Starting with a revolutionary design of dressage arenas, then maintenance free jumps, which eventually led to a complete line of synthetic footing and arena surface products. Keeping value in the forefront, Heidi and Premier have helped thousands of customers obtain a quality footing surface at a great value. Educating our customers and providing valuable installation and maintenance solutions set Premier Equestrian as one of the leading footing companies world wide.

Heidi is recognized as one of the leading footing experts in North America. Heidi is a sought-after lecturer on equine biomechanics and the effects of footing on equine health and safety. She has given lectures at The Footing League Academy and at the Utah State University as well as other events. Quoted widely in equine media Ms. Zorn’s expertise has been published in Riding Magazine, Dressage Today, and Underfoot, the popular arena guide published by the USDF.

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Mark Neihart – CEO & Co-Founder

Mark’s business expertise and company operating skills have charted a streamlined business model for Premier Equestrian. Mark is recognized as a leading expert on arena design and construction. Mr. Neihart has worked around the world, consulting, designing, and building equine arenas in the Middle East, South America, The United States and Canada. With a background in engineering, Mr. Neihart directs building projects as well as design improvements in our groomer equipment.

Chris Neihart – VP Sales

Chris has been with Premier from the beginning. Chris has been in all aspects of our company from building jumps and dressage arenas in the beginning then moving to sales and focusing on the construction and design aspects. Chris has been instrumental in formulating arena building practices and high end arena systems.

Sherry Thompson – General Manager

Sherry started with Premier Equestrian over 10 years ago. Sherry’s ever changing job title from accounting to sales to general manager. She has provided customers and office staff with loyal and problem solving support since day 1. Sherry is very fond of animals and has become a huge fan of the horses. While Sherry does not ride she does have a great love for the health and well being of the equine world and has reveled in learning about the art of Jumping, dressage and the benefits of good footing in educating Premiers customers.

Kathryn Rustad – Marketing Manager

Kathryn started with Premier Equestrian in 2004, and later returned full time in our marketing dept. Kathryn has ridden jumpers her whole life, as well as dressage. Her unique in-depth knowledge and perspective on horses and the equestrian industry have helped make Premier a giant. Her attention to detail and desire to provide accurate information have helped customers all over the world learn about biomechanics, footing and how to improve your horses health. Kathryn shares a paint gelding, Frankie, with her mom and has a two-year old Borgi named Leroy.

Lottie Rustad – Operations

Lottie has been with the company since 2005 and has kept us on track by providing behind the scenes quality service and support. She has ridden hunters and dressage for several years and loves being a part of an equestrian business. Lottie owns a solid bay paint named Frankie.

Josie Brooksbank – Administrative Assistant

Josie came to us in early 2018 and has been a valuable part of the decision making and trail blazing efforts of our company. She is our front line in getting customers matched up with arena consultants and she enjoys connecting with other equestrians. Josie currently shows jumpers with her little grey horse, Arthur.

Keri Homer – Arena Consultant

Keri came to us in 2018 with a vast background in race horses, hunter/jumpers and dressage horses. Her professional demeanor and knowledge have made Keri and integral part of our team. Keri shares knowledge with customers about the biomechanics of the horse and how it relates to how we train them, including how our horses deserve to exercised on the safest possible surface. Her passion is helping others reach those goals. “You don’t need to own an expensive horse, you just need to take care of the one you have.” Is Keri’s motto.

Premier Equestrian’s Mission Statement

Premier Equestrian creates the highest-quality arena surfaces that benefit horses and everyone in the equestrian community. Using the best materials and construction techniques available, our arena surfaces enhance performance and promote safety, longevity, and good health for horses.

With genuine care for our company, products, and customers, we provide excellent customer service to find the best solution to benefit all of us. We develop long-term relationships with our customers. We want them to be completely satisfied with their investment in the care of their horses.

The Premier Equestrian team is made up of professional, competent, and friendly people. We work together utilizing each of our strengths, while encouraging growth in each other. We keep ourselves educated in order to contribute essential knowledge to the equestrian community. It is our goal to be experts on arena surfaces, building techniques, materials, technology, and how arena surfaces affect the overall health of horses.

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