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Premier Equestrian Horse Arena Footing

Indoor and Outdoor Horse Riding Arena Footing Experts

We’ve been helping customers improve their indoor and outdoor horse arena footing for over a decade. Whether it’s an existing surface or a new horse arena project you’re looking to improve, our footing experts can help you to make an educated decision about horse arena footing additives that will improve your horse’s performance and safety.

Get started with a FREE consultation or sand analysis report.

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Premier Footing Services

Free Estimate &
Footing Consultation

To help us determine the best footing
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Do It Together

For those who want to install their arena footing themselves, a Premier Footing Consultant will guide through the entire process.

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The OTTO Ebb & Flow watering system and OTTO-Perforated Mats create a superior arena surface from the ground up.

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Premier Footing Products

horse arena footing

Footing Products

Premier footing products combined with new or existing sand can improve your surface tremendously.

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horse arena dust control

Dust Control

Premier footing products combined with new or existing sand can improve your surface tremendously.

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horse arena grooming equipment

Grooming Equipment

Grooming and maintenance are key factors in achieving quality arena footing.

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OTTO Sport Perforated Mats

The OTTO-PerforatedMat is an arena base system that offers drainage, stability, shock absorption, and arena longevity.

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OTTO Sport Ebb&Flow

OTTO-Ebb&Flow waters the arena ‘from below’ and provides high-capacity drainage during rain events.

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Educational Resources

All About Sand

Sand is a key ingredient to great arena footing.

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Arena Surfaces & Horse Biomechanics

Learn how different surfaces can impact the health and performance of your horse.

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Sand Analysis

Get started with a free sand report to see how Premier Footing products may help.

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Underfoot Book

Guide to Arena Construction, Maintenance and Repair

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Footing Sample Kit

Small samples of each of our footing products

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Installation Instructions

We’ll guide you through the process for installing textile footing additives.

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We’re horse people, and we understand how important it is to keep your equine partner safe and sound. For the last 20 years we have been studying how arena surfaces interact with horses’ biomechanics. Our products are formulated with biomechanics and injury prevention in mind. This is what separates us from competitors. Do you want horse people designing your arena for peak performance or just an excavator?

Premier Equestrian’s Quality of Horse Arena Footing Surfaces


Use your existing arena base and existing  sand with a Premier footing additive to improve the quality of your surface. A FREE sand report and consultation will determine the best solution for improving your arena riding surface.

Starting at 35¢ per square foot


Use your existing arena base with new sand and a Premier horse arena footing additive. Premier Equestrian can help you source sand in your area giving you a high-quality arena riding surface

Starting at 70¢ per square foot
Sand & aggregate prices will vary throughout North America.


New construction arena - Complete design, construction, drainage, materials, and sand mixed with a Premier horse arena footing additive. We’ll help you design and build a top quality arena riding surface from start to finish.

Starting at $3.00 per square foot

Quality Horse Arena Footing Improves a Horse’s Safety & Performance

horse trotting on Premier Equestrian horse arena footing
Official footing supplier of the US Equestrian
Premier Equestrian is the Official Riding Arena Footing Supplier of US Equestrian

Proper Riding Arena Footing – The Key to Your Horse’s Safety & Optimal Performance

It’s extremely important that horses are comfortable on an arena surface. Poor riding arena footing can decrease performance, decrease confidence, and increase injury. Premier Equestrian considers all these factors when developing the best horse arena footing solution.

Custom Riding Arena Footing Formulas

Premier Equestrian will work with you and your builder, or we can recommend a qualified builder to ensure your horse arena footing is exactly right for optimum performance and safety. Different ingredients in riding arena footing must work together which is why Premier Equestrian offers a free sand report to ensure the best results. You may also choose to do your own installation. We’ve formulated all our products to give you the very best in safety, injury prevention and optimum performance. Many competitors and arena builders will only prescribe what they sell and not what you need. We will design what’s best for you and your horse.

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