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Horse Arena Footing

Building an arena correctly is one of the best investments you can make for you and your horses. It’s relatively simple to improve your indoor or outdoor arena surface when you understand the components. The most important pieces include your base, understanding your sand, incorporating the right footing product, and maintenance. As the top horse arena construction supplier our premier footing specialists will walk you through the steps to improve an existing surface or build new.

Footing Products

Fibers & Rubber
Dust Control

All About Arena Sand

Learn what sand is best for riding arenas. Get a FREE sand analysis.

Arena Base Systems

OTTO Sport Mats
Arion Ebb & Flow
Free Draining & Compacted Bases

Ground & Floor Products

Rubber floor mats
Mud Control
Ground Stabilization
Drainage Systems

Arena Services

DIY Riding Arenas
Arena Construction Plans
Preferred Builders

Common Footing Problems We See

How We Can Help You

Premier Equestrian takes the guesswork out of formulating an arena surface. We’ll walk you through the steps to improve an existing surface or build new. Weather, climate, discipline, and budget are just a few of the items to consider when creating your horse arena surface.

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What’s in Horse Arena Footing?

An easy way to think of the footing layer is like a cake recipe. Sand is the major ingredient (like flour) and textile or rubber products enhance the flavor.

Arion Ebb and Flow Arena logo

The Arion Ebb & Flow Arena waters the arena surface ‘from below’ – and you don’t even notice it! It also provides high-