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Omega Alpha Herbal Horse Supplements Are Now Available at Premier Equestrian

By January 7, 2021September 28th, 2021No Comments

jugs of OmegaAlpha horse supplements

With the start of a new year, many of us are focused on taking better care of ourselves. But what about the health and wellness of your horse? Omega Alpha herbal horse supplements make it easy to care for your horse and keep them happy and healthy!

The overall health and wellbeing of your horse is always our top priority at Premier Equestrian, which is why we’re excited to welcome Omega Alpha natural horse products as part of our equine offerings. “We’re very excited to add this amazing line of Omega Alpha products to the Premier Equestrian wellness collection,” says Heidi Zorn, Premier Equestrian President.  

Omega Alpha offers a range of all-natural herbal health products designed to target specific needs for horses, including digestion, immunity, respiration, joint care, liver health, and more. The benefits of Omega Alpha supplements include better digestive and gastrointestinal health; detoxification for lungs, liver, and kidneys; better respiratory health; increased immune function; hormonal balance; and antioxidant support.  

Zorn is a big fan of Omega Alpha products and can personally vouch for their benefits. Below, she shares how Omega Alpha helped her horses, Izzy and Primo:  

“I was first introduced to Omega Alpha back in 2016 when my horse Izzy contracted pneumonia from an operation,” says Zorn. “Her health was dire and she came very close to not recovering. I was introduced to Omega Alpha’s Respi Free and Lung Flush supplements. These two products helped bring my mare home and fully recover. I am forever grateful. 

In 2017, my new young horse Primo suffered a debilitating fever and virus,” Zorn continues. After several plasma treatments and 6 weeks of hospitalization, Primo survived and came home. However, since his system was so depleted from sickness, he broke out in a terrible case of hives. I immediately called Omega Alpha for advice and was guided towards their Liver Flush product, and a series of their Healthy Horse supplements. Within three days of using the Liver Flush, Primo’s hives had subsided. Today, he and Izzy are both on a very balanced diet, and one that includes Omega Alpha products.” 

The following Omega Alpha products are now available Premier Equestrian:  

SHOP NOW AND LEARN MORE about Omega Alpha’s wide variety of herbal supplements and natural horse wellness products.  


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