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Athletex® Footing Product

Athletex textile horse arena footing product is made from a combination of textiles and fibers. It works great for hunter/jumper, dressage and pleasure riding.

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Features & Benefits

It’s back and it’s better than ever!

Athletex is back and it’s better than ever! No need to replace old, broken down sand. Athletex will bind your existing footing while reducing compaction and dust. Athletex reduces the abrasiveness of angulated sand and adds cushioning to your surface. 

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Stabilizes almost all types of sand and prevents over-compaction

Clean, non-toxic, good for horses and humans

Mixes with concrete sand and construction sands

Retains moisture and reduces dust

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Premier Equestrian footing specialists will walk you through the steps to improve an existing surface or build new.

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Contact us for exact cost of footing with freight.

Exact cost is based on square footage, sand depth, and delivery location.

Comparing Footing Cost?

Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Many footing companies will advertise cost per sq ft based on 2.5” of sand. However, most arenas require 3—3.5” of sand. Also make sure you’re comparing bale weight.

Ideal For:

Athletex textile arena footing product creates a surface for dressage, jumping, all purpose, and pleasure riding.

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Requirements for Athletex Textile Horse Arena Footing Product

Athletex stabilizes nearly all types of sand, from fine to coarse and everywhere in between. No need to replace your old sand. If you have deep or loose wiggly sand, Athletex will stabilize it help prevent injury and enhance your riding experience. 

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Sand Particle Size

Athletex can bind with almost every type of sand. Great for local construction sands like concrete or mason sand.

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Moisture high 85x60


Water is required to keep sand particles mixed with the textiles and fibers.

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Grooming Equipment

We do recommend a drag with tines that will mix the sand and product and can create compaction.

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