Coil Tine for Arena Drags


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SKU: 10-11129


    Coil tines create a vibrating action to aid in surface blending and filling in grooves.

    Sold individually, hardware not included.

    If you have a BLACK SportPro Groomer:

    • 67.5 wide (M1, M3, M3 Duo, M5, M5 Duo) – 16 total coil tines
    • 83.5 wide (M3x, M3x Duo, M5x, M5x Duo) – 20 total coil tines


    If you have a BLUE Premier Groomer:

    • 5′ blue Premier Groomers – 11 total coil tines
    • 6′ blue Premier Groomers – 13 total coil tines
    • 7′ blue Premier Groomers – 15 total coil tines
    • 8′ blue Premier Groomers – 19 total coil tines

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