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Arena Building Services

Premier Equestrian offers a wide array of services to meet your needs. Anywhere from advising you on do-it-yourself installations to complete construction services. We have the knowledge, resources, products, and services, to help you make an informed decision about your arena.

We can guide you over the phone, consult with you and your contractor on-site, or employ a team of builders to construct and install your arena surface. We’ve helped thousands of customers improve their existing surface for a fraction of the cost of a new arena.

Things to consider:
• Budget
• Use existing sand or buy new
• Watering capabilities
• Maintenance time & capabilities
• Type of arena base
• Drainage
• Seasonal weather conditions
• Discipline
• Traffic
• Usage (Personal, lunging, turnouts, horse shows, clinics, etc.)

How may we help you with your arena?

Premier Equestrian is ready and willing to help you with your arena riding surface at any stage.

Do It Together


We’ll guide you through the process of installing and maintaining your own footing.

Improve Existing Surface

Improve your sand with a footing product and/or groomer.

Need New Sand

You have a base and need new sand, or your existing sand isn’t repairable.

This service includes:

• Free sand report
• Free phone consultation
• Sand and product recommendations
• Access to Premier’s sand quarry library
• Do it yourself installation instructions
• Grooming and maintenance instructions

Learn more about our DIT Service



Premier Footing Experts will visit your farm, design an arena, and recommend materials.

Arena Design

This service includes:

• On-site consultation and survey
• Arena design recommendations
• Architectural drawings
• Sand and product recommendations
• Base materials and sand sourcing
• Builder recommendations

Learn more about our Consultation Service



Complete arena construction and footing installation by a Preferred Premier Builder.

Build a New Arena

This service includes:

• Free phone consultation
• On-site survey
• Sand sourcing & product recommendations
• Free sand reports
• Arena design
• Arena construction and footing installation
• Footing surface test for specific discipline
• In-depth grooming and maintenance training
• On-going arena consultant support

Learn more about our Construction Service

Whether you’re adding to your existing arena or building a new arena, talk to a Premier Equestrian arena experts.
Call 800.611.6109 or

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