Tower Dressage Arena Letters


Sets of 12 or 8


The molded Tower Dressage Letters™ are made with UV-stabilized, high-density polyethylene. Added impact modifiers make them horse tough. Built for outdoor use, these durable letters will not shatter, crack, fade, or break. The aerodynamic three-sided design makes them windproof. They’re easy to clean and stackable for storage with anti-suction tabs to prevent letters from sticking together. Large and visible main letters and center line letters are silk screened on all sides.

Each Tower Letter is three-sided, 30″ tall and 25″ across each base. Large main letters and small center line letters are silk screened on each side. The top includes a 4″ molded-in plant holder with drainage holes, perfect for planting, pots, or silk flowers.


  • Molded in one piece using high-density polyethylene
  • UV stabilized, won’t fade in sun
  • Stable in the wind
  • Price points for any budget
  • Beautiful and functional
  • Stackable – anti-suction tabs prevent sticking
  • Includes main and center line letters on all three sides



Ships free in the contiguous U.S.

Delivery expected around 2 weeks after order, based on quantity in stock.

Call for expedited orders at 800-611-6109.


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