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Sundance Dressage Training Arenas

Sundance training dressage arena with lattice top flower boxes. Dressage Summit in Wellington, FL.Sundance Arena 2-045, 2-045SR, 2-046, 2-047, Sundance Driving Arena 2-145, 2-146, 2-144Olypmia Flower Boxes Lattice Top 8-048, 8-053,
8-054 flower boxes come with a plant shelf and one set of letters.
Slide-in trough for railsAccommodates round polesBottom cone coverMargo Gogan riding gray horse in the Sundance Dressage Arena in Heber, Ut. Close-up of the horses feet with arena rails and Olympia Lattice flower box with flower arrangement flower basket.The Sundance Arena Olympia Package includes: arena, set of Olympia lattice flower boxes with your choice of silk flowers, one set of flower box letters and one set of arena letter markers. SDP1    SDP2Sundance Arena 2-045, 2-045SR, 2-046, 2-047, Sundance Driving Arena 2-145, 2-146, 2-144rMargo Gogan riding in the Sundance Dressage Arena with Olympia Lattice Flower Boxes.
2' tall dressage arena flower boxes with letters.
8-047, 8-051, 8-052
2-045 2-045SR 2-046 2-047 2-145 2-146 2-144
Sundance Arena Olympia Package
SDP1 SDP2Flower Basket arrangement with silk flowers 16-501dressage-arena-layouts

Sundance Dressage Training Arenas

$950.00$1,395.00 $807.50$1,185.75

20×60, 10 or 20 rails

Freight additional at checkout. Select options to see price


15% OFF Sundance Arenas

Our Best Selling Arena

The Sundance Arena is priced right, easy to set up and maintain, beautiful, and wind proof. Technically, the Sundance Arena is quite advanced! The support cone is injection molded and made with UV-resistant high-density polymers making it virtually indestructible. We use 1.5″ x 5.5″ UV/impact resistant, ribbed rails for strength and beauty. Our ‘set-in though’ design makes set-up quick easy. A gate rail and corner cones are included. The Sundance Arena comes with eight bottom cone covers. These allow you to fill the cone with extra weight for high wind areas. You can get more covers for extremely windy conditions.

The Sundance Training Arena is available in 4 meter rails.

It’s versatile and wind proof…

The Sundance Arena accommodates flat or round rails. We use highest quality vinyl with impact modifiers and extra UV protectors. Our PVC rails are stronger, more flexible, and have higher impact ratings. A gate rail is included. This dressage ring comes with eight bottom cone covers. These attach tightly to the bottom of the cone letting you fill the conditions may be purchased. Cones stack easily for transport and storage.

  • 1.5″ x 5.5″ UV/impact resistant, ribbed rails
  • Accommodates 3-4″ round pipe
  • Injection molded cone for precision
  • Finished corners & entry gate at “A”
  • Wind proof design, great for outdoors
  • Designed for easy set-up & take down
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Exceeds FEI standards



Set-in trough for easy set-up


Accommodates round rails


Regular PVC Profiles vs. Premier PVC profile


Ribbed rails with UV and impact modifiers


Bottom cone cap for maximum stability









It’s easy! Watch “How to Set Up A Dressage Arena”

Sundance Dressage Arena with Olympia Flower Boxes

Arena Specifications:

  • Rail Height: 12″
  • Rail Length: 4 meters or 9′ 3.5″
  • Cone Height:12″
  • Rail Dimension: 1.5″ x 5.5″
  • Set-up: 1/2 Hr.
  • Wind Tolerance: Heavy

Shipping rates apply at checkout
  • 20×60 with Short Rails: $395
  • 20×60: $395
  • 20×40 with Short Rails: $395
  • 20×40: $350
  • Training Set: $295

Arenas ship within 10-14 days

Dressage Arenas have a Five-Year Warranty and come with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. You won’t find a better value!


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