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Premier ProStride™ Footing Product

Crumb rubber sized specifically for horse arenas to reduce compaction.

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Features & Benefits

Put a spring in your horse’s step

Premier ProStride footing is made from recycled tires. When mixed with sand, the rubber pieces create voids in the surface for reduced compaction and added cushion.

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Low maintenance

Clean, non-toxic, good for horses and humans

Decreases compaction in large, coarse, or angulated particles

Excellent cushion for shock absorption and energy rebound

Minimized bone and joint concussion and tendon strain

See If Premier ProStride Footing Is Right For You

Fibers may be available with Premier ProStride footing depending upon your preference and supplies. Premier ProStride product goes through several recycling processes, resulting in a clean, metal-free arena product.

InstallingPremier ProStride footing is simple!

Contact us for exact cost of footing with freight.

Exact cost is based on square footage, sand depth, and delivery location.

Comparing Footing Cost?

Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Many footing companies will advertise cost per sq ft based on 2.5” of sand. However, most arenas require 3—3.5” of sand. Also make sure you’re comparing bale weight.

Ideal For:

Excellent for casual riding in any discipline. Also great when arena is used for turnouts and lunging.

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Requirements for Premier ProStride Footing

Fine sand icon 85wide

Sand Particle Size

Suitable for most types of sand. A coarse and angular particle shape and the ability to compact will be the most important factor in sand requirement.

Contact Us to get a free sand data chart for your quarry
Moisture high 85x60


Premier ProStride Footing does not require water to bind to sand particles. However, we recommend using some water for dust.

Grooming Equipment icon 85x60

Grooming Equipment

A wide range of groomers can be used. We recommend something with tines that will churn the sand and product and can create compaction.

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Installing Premier ProStride footing is simple!

Premier Equestrian, Inc. does not make any warranties or representations of any kind, whether express, implied or statutory, with respect to any service or product, including without limitation, warranties or representations concerning merchantability, non-infringement, fitness for a particular purpose, performance, quality, or that products or services will be error-free.

ProStride Footing Customers

I called Heidi and Mark at Premier Equestrian and found them both knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with. I had them ship me a sample of their rubber and was very impressed. Another dressage enthusiast in my town had gone with the rubber with the filaments still in it. On seeing her ring with all the filaments raised to the surface, and the quality of Premier’s footing I knew which one to pick. Thank you.

Peggy Halpin