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3 Important Considerations When Choosing your Dressage Arena

By November 9, 2020April 1st, 2024No Comments

The Sundance Dressage Arena by Premier Equestrian

Whether you aspire to FEI dressage competition, ride at the national levels, or prefer the challenge of western dressage, schooling in a correctly sized large or small dressage arena will help improve your competitive results. As the leading provider of dressage arenas in North America, Premier Equestrian has the right style of arena for every kind of dressage enthusiast. Choosing the best dressage arena for your situation requires considering three critical things: the durability of the material, the ease of set up and storage, and product safety.


Product Durability

When you invest in equipment as important as a dressage arena, you want it to last. All Premier Equestrian dressage arena rails and bases are molded out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a virtually indestructible plastic that is shatter resistant yet still flexible. Additionally, all Premier Equestrian dressage arena components include UV inhibitors to prevent degradation from exposure to the sun.

“Plastics are susceptible to UV damage, and that’s what makes them break down,” explains Heidi Zorn, president of Premier Equestrian. “Many companies do not put UV inhibitors in their materials, and so over time they do become brittle and can shatter. Our materials are all made in America, and we can ensure these products have the correct amount of UV inhibitors.”

Premier Equestrian’s high quality HDPE dressage arena rails and rail cones have set the standard for arena durability. In fact, one of the first dressage arenas they built back in 1999 is still in use—and it is kept outside all year long.


Ease of Setup and Storage

Premier Equestrian Sundance Dressage Arena

The Sundance Dressage Arena by Premier Equestrian

Let’s admit it—most of us would rather be riding or driving our horses than setting up a dressage arena. That’s why Premier Equestrian has designed its arenas to be simple to set up, with pre-measured segments that make construction a breeze. To further take the stress out of dressage arena assembly, the team at Premier has created a helpful YouTube video that takes users step by step through how to setup a dressage arena, including the art of creating square corners.

“The dressage arena rails just lock into place,” says Zorn. “Just use our easy to follow instructions to square your corners, and keep the rails tight in the cones– your arena will always come out the right size.”

The rails of most Premier Equestrian dressage arenas are cut in four meter pieces, making them both easy to move in the back of a pickup truck and simple to store. With the dressage arena rails and cones neatly stacked, an entire standard dressage arena can be stored in a 14’ by 4’ space. But if you don’t have room to store your arena under cover, Premier Equestrian arenas do just fine when kept outdoors year round. “Many people do leave them out,” says Zorn. “Cold, water, and freezing won’t hurt it.”


Product Safety

Premier Equestrian Brentina Dressage Arena

The Brentina Dressage Arena by Premier Equestrian

When Zorn first became involved with dressage, she recognized a need for affordable, safe arena products. After witnessing horses become tangled in chain or three-panel dressage arenas, she knew there had to be a safer, more horse friendly design. Today, Premier Equestrian’s equine-friendly dressage arenas are used at elite competition venues around the world, and they are the official dressage arena of the Western Dressage Association of America.

All Premier Equestrian arenas combine support cones with rails that disassemble easily if the horse steps into them. Certain arenas blend classic style with modern features to further enhance safety. For example, the Brentina Arena is an elegant, multi-rail design with a quick release mechanism that separates rail from cone if the horse comes into contact. Your horse will never become entangled in a Premier Equestrian dressage arena.

Most Premier Equestrian arenas are also wind resistant due to both their design and support features. Many of their arenas feature a removable bottom cap for the cones. When filled with sand, the cones provide stability even under heavy wind conditions. Premier Equestrian’s top seller, the Sundance Dressage Arena can withstand 45 to 50 mile per hour winds, while the Brentina Arena’s tent shape has helped it stay put in 70 mile per hour winds.

Thanks to the leadership of Premier Equestrian, dangerous dressage arenas are a thing of the past. Today, a safe, durable and attractive Premier Equestrian dressage arena is available to suit every budget. The experts at Premier Equestrian, North America’s leading provider of high-quality dressage arena equipment, horse jumps, horse arena footing, and arena maintenance equipment, are here to help you determine the best fit for your facility and your wallet. Premier Equestrian products are in use from the most elite venues to private arenas all over the world, with 80% of their business coming from helping the average rider get the most out of limited budget and resources.

Contact an expert at Premier Equestrian to learn more about finding your perfect dressage arena!


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