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Premier Equestrian Leads the Way in Sand and Textile Footing for Equestrian Arenas 

By January 22, 2024February 14th, 2024No Comments

Premier Equestrian is proud to announce they now sell sand for equestrian arenas. For the past 15 years, Premier Equestrian’s extensive testing and innovative design processes for arena sand and textile footing solutions have allowed them to establish a robust sand quarry library. Their library consists of more than 200 locations in the US and Canada, enabling Premier Equestrian to help thousands of customers source a top-quality footing mix at an economical price.  

Premier Equestrian can now provide the correct sand and footing material for customers nationwide.


“We believe that horse arena footing is one of the most critical components to consider,” said Mark Neihart, CEO of Premier Equestrian. “That’s why we invest significant time and resources into testing, designing, and supplying our customers with arena sands and textile footing that exceed industry standards and satisfies the exacting needs of equestrians.” 

Premier Equestrian is focused on elevating the equestrian experience and is committed to providing top-tier footing materials that meet the unique requirements of arenas and the discerning equestrian market. As a trusted name in the industry, Premier Equestrian leads the way by continually advancing the design and development of arena footing. Their team of experts deeply understands the importance of proper footing for horse welfare, optimal performance, and injury prevention.  

Premier Equestrian is dedicated to providing footing products for horse welfare, optimal performance, and injury prevention.

Premier Equestrian’s rigorous testing processes ensure that their footing materials (sand and footing additives) offer unparalleled performance. They meticulously analyze and evaluate various sand blends for particle size, gradation, particle shape, composition, and consistency to achieve the optimal balance of traction, cushioning, and stability. Furthermore, their textile additives, such as Premier ProTex™, ArenaAid™, and Athletex™ are developed to enhance shock absorption, moisture management, improve sand qualities, and overall support. 

One of the hallmarks of Premier Equestrian’s approach is customization. They understand that every arena is unique, with specific requirements based on discipline, climate, budget, and other factors. This keen understanding allows them to offer tailored footing solutions that cater to individual equestrian needs.  

Premier Equestrian has provided footing products for many of the top horse shows and facilities, including the Desert International Horse Park.

Premier Equestrian’s dedication to excellence has earned them a loyal base of satisfied customers in the equestrian community. Horse arena builders, horse facility managers, and horse show organizers contact Premier Equestrian for their expertise on designing and formulating sands and footing products to achieve a quality footing surface. Keean White, co-founder of Major League Show Jumping, contacted Premier Equestrian President Heidi Zorn—who recently served as the FEI Footing Advisor for the World Equestrian Games in Denmark—to get advice on renovating one of their horse show surfaces.  

“I asked Premier Equestrian to help improve one of the major rings at Anglestone,” said White. “Heidi prescribed a special silica sand to add to the existing surface. After the new sand was added and mixed, we had several compliments on the renovated surface and much higher reviews from the FEI surveys. We were thrilled with the recommendations that Heidi and Premier Equestrian provided. I highly recommend consulting them for arena expertise on footing surfaces.” 

Major League Show Jumping
Premier Equestrian served as the Official Footing Advisor for Major League Show Jumping and helped improve the riding surface at one of their horse show venues.

To learn more about Premier Equestrian’s innovative testing protocol, design processes for sand and textile footing, or to explore their range of customizable footing options, please contact the arena advisors’ team: call 800-611-6109 or email chris@premierequestrian.com

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