Arena Groomer Maintenance

With some simple maintenance steps, your Premier Groomer will last you for many years.

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Weekly Maintenance

Keep your arena drag out of the weather when not in use, covered if possible.

Groomer Repair

Check all nuts and bolts for tightness

Groomer Maintenance

Grease Zerk fittings on Tine Axles

Arena Groomer Maintenance

Grease Zerk fitting at pillow blocks

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As-Needed Maintenance

S-Tine Chisel Points

• Rotate the S-Tine chisel points when there is evidence of wear. Simply flip each point around for a clean edge.

• Replace chisel points when both side have been used and are worn. Buy Here

Sand Groomer
Sand Groomer

Coil Tines

• Coil Tines will need to be replaced when worn or if they are bent. Buy Here

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