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All Purpose Horse Arena Footing

All Purpose is a textile footing product that stabilizes all types of sands. It’s great for a multitude of disciplines, english and western.

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The Perfect Footing Solution for the Not-So-Perfect Sand

Fibers and rubber improve sand structure to keep horses on top of the surface rather than in it. Improves traction and increases stability, cushion, rebound, & grip.

  • Mixes with a wide variety new and existing of sands

  • Prevents over-compaction

  • Retains moisture & reduces dust

All Purpose Footing Pricing

Starting at 33¢ per square foot

Freight additional

All Purpose Arena Footing Calculator

This is an estimated price; Subject to change based on square footage, sand depth, and sand type.

Contact us for exact pricing and freight

A Footing Surface for Everyone

Works for many disciplines including english, western, competition venues, private and boarding facilities.

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Requirements for All Purpose Footing

All Purpose is manufactured to a specific size so it mixes with all types of sand. All Purpose is a low water footing and doesn’t require special grooming equipment, making it an easy maintenance solution at an extremely affordable price. Contact us for an SDS report.

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Blends with many sands

New or existing sand. A medium to fine sand with sub-angular particles is best.

0.5 to 0.075 mm (#35 – #200)

Contact us for a free sand data chart to take to your quarry
Medium fine and fine sand 510x288
Moisture high 85x60

Low Water Footing

Water is required to keep sand particles mixed with the textiles and fibers.

Textiles and fibers mixed with sand
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Grooming Equipment

Special equipment isn’t required. We do recommend a drag with tines that will mix the sand and product and can create compaction.

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“The All Purpose fiber has helped immensely to stabilize the footing and providing cushion for the horses. They use less energy and a few of the horses thought the new footing was so nice that we unsaddled them and turned them loose to run around the arena. What clearer indication could you have that the horses are happy with the footing!”

Greg Pederson

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