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Why Olympic Dressage Rider Adrienne Lyle Trusts Premier ProTex Footing Product for Her Horses

We’ve worked closely with Olympic dressage rider Adrienne Lyle for many years, and she trusts Premier Equestrian to create the perfect footing for her multiple training facilities. Adrienne recently called on us to refresh the arena footing at TYL Dressage in Wellington, Florida with our Premier ProTex® Footing Product

Hear more about what Adrienne had to say about Premier ProTex Footing Product in this video.

“As an Olympian, I have ridden on many different types of arena surfaces, but nothing compares to the quality and performance of Premier ProTex Footing. The footing is consistent and provides a perfect amount of cushion and support for my horses, allowing them to perform at their best.

ProTex also offers superior traction, allowing my horses to move freely and confidently, which has made a huge difference in their performance. I have noticed that my horses are more balanced and able to execute more complex movements with ease.

The dust-free properties of ProTex footing have been a game-changer for my horses’ respiratory health, keeping them comfortable and healthy in and out of the arena.

ProTex Footing Product has exceeded my expectations and has truly transformed the way my horses move and feel in the arena, which is why I trust my footing and the health of my horses to the experts at Premier Equestrian. I can confidently say that Premier Equestrian’s ProTex Footing has played a vital role in helping my top horses to perform their best. The quality and consistency of the footing has allowed me to focus on my riding and training, knowing that my horses are comfortable and safe.

I have had the pleasure of working with Premier Equestrian for several years now, and I highly recommend Premier Equestrian and ProTex Footing to any serious equestrian looking to take their horse’s performance to the next level.” – Adrienne Lyle


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