Red Barn Interlocking Rubber Stall Mats


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Our best-selling interlocking horse stall mats are economical and built to last. With the thickest and toughest material, our stall mats are non-absorbent, easy to clean, non-slip, and promote equine health. Premier Equestrian horse stall mats are designed to fit standard stall sizes and are simple to install. Mats measure 4’ x 6’ around and are 3/4″ thick. In addition, our Red Barn Interlocking Stall Mats are covered by a generous 15-year manufacturer’s warranty to give you peace of mind. Replace your stall mats with ones that are guaranteed to last.

36 Mats (6 12’x12′ Stalls) | 72 Mats (12 12’x12′ Stalls) | 108 Mats (18 12’x12′ Stalls)

Why buy a Vulcanized Rubber Stall Mat?

  • A vulcanized mat will not absorb moisture!
  • Polyurethane mats absorb animal fluids which cause the binder to deteriorate. Fluids trapped in poly mats cause bacteria and foul odors.
  • A vulcanized mat is denser!
  • More rubber per square inch
  • More durable and more resilient.
  • A vulcanized mat is the best your horse needs – You decide!

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Receiving Your Delivery

This page contains crucial information for proper delivery of your items!

Sundance Dressage Arenas:

For ultimate shipping protection, your new Sundance Arena is boxed and banded to a pallet. The rail pallet is almost 14 ft long. Due to the length, your assistance is required to offload the boxes. Assistance includes providing offloading equipment (a forklift, farm equipment with offloading capability, or pallet jack) or multi-person assistance.

If you do not have equipment, use heavy duty wire cutters or snips to cut the banding and offload the boxes by hand. It is your responsibility to discard the pallet afterwards. Please note: offloading will require 2 people, as the driver may or may not help with unloading. It is up to their discretion.


Before the Driver Leaves:

1. Count your boxes against the delivery receipt