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Horse Arena Footing

Horse Arena Base Systems

The base and sub-base provide drainage and create a consistent, solid foundation for your footing layer. Premier Equestrian offers three base construction techniques, depending on your needs and budget.

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OTTO Sport Base Mats

Stability, Longevity, Drainage & water storage


OTTO Sport Arena Base Mats offer drainage, stability, shock absorption, and arena longevity. The system creates a true all-weather horse arena that many riders need to keep up hectic training schedules.

Arion Smart Arena logoArion Ebb & Flow Arena

Automatically maintains desired water level 24/7



The new Arion Ebb and Flow Arena by Premier Equestrian reduces water consumption and provides consistent hydration from below. Ride in rain or shine with a true all-weather arena!

Free Draining Base

Excellent drainage with separation of layers


A geotextile cloth separates the base layer from footing. The base is a clean rock layer. Water will percolate vertically for fast drainage.

Compacted Stone Base



Stone dust, screenings, or road base is wetted and compacted with a vibrating roller. The base is sloped so water can run to an edge and be drained away.

Layer3 plans
arena footing construction
Layer1 construction
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Our Services

We offer several options for construction & installation services. We can help you Do It Yourself, we’ll do some of the work for you, all the way to complete construction by a Preferred Premier Builder.

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Arena Base Construction Plans

Our civil-engineered Equestrian Base Construction Plans will give a clear picture to any licensed contractor, excavator or arena builder for building an equestrian arena from the ground up.

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Arena plans white fence
Arena plans pipes

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Get started today by signing up for a free consultation where we’ll analyze your sand and develop a custom blend of our arena base products to fit your arena and horse’s needs.

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