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Mini Wall with Graphic Panels

9-710RB Red Bridk Mini Kids Walll by Premier Equestrian
9-710RBFL with flowers
16-149 Hybiscus Mix
Kid and Mini horse jumps by premier equestrian. Jump sets includes two jump standards, striped mini pole, jump strips or jump cups.
9-710RBFL mini red brick wall with flowers
16-112 yellow sunflowers
14-014S.2 mini striped poles
mini fan top standards with graphic panels
9-611CP color poniesKid-Jumps-graphic-panel-Pink-Camo-9-511PCKid-Jumps-graphic-panel-Zebra-9-611ZEKid-Jumps-graphic-panel-Green-Camo-9-511GCCart2Cart

Mini Wall with Graphic Panels


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Product Description

The Mini Wall with graphic panels is a wonderful accent to your jump. The Mini Wall is 10″T x 42″W and available with two-sided graphics. Drilled holes at the top accommodate flowers. Add on flowers above or select No Flowers.

Available graphics: Red Brick, Butterflies, Zebra, Pink Camo, Green Camo


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