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Premier Equestrian & ABI Attachments Launch New Line of World-Class Arena Drags

By December 6, 2022July 6th, 2023No Comments

Premier Equestrian, Inc., the experts in arena footing, and ABI Attachments, the experts in arena maintenance equipment, announce the release of a new line of world-class arena groomers for synthetic surfaces. Premier and ABI have combined forces to co-develop a modern line of arena drags unlike any other on the market. The new lineup is called the ABI SportPro – Premier Equestrian Edition.

Meet the family: ABI SportPro Arena Drags – Premier Equestrian Edition M1, M3 & M5

There are three models in the SportPro lineup: the Premier Equestrian Edition M1, M3, and M5. The M3 and M5 are highly configurable with the choice between scarifiers or S-tines and a single roller or dual rollers, as well as the standard coil tines, edging tool, and kickboard wheel. The configuration of the groomers makes it possible to now fit the users’ exact needs. The partnership and launch of the new line of groomers culminated more than a year of planning and development between ABI and Premier Equestrian. 

“ABI is the leader in drags and groomers for the western riding discipline,” said Mark Neihart, CEO of Premier Equestrian. “They have been at the forefront of innovation in both function and design, they even own over 16 patents on their equipment. When they approached us to partner in the development of a brand-new groomer for synthetic surfaces, we were all in. Together we have developed a groomer line that exceeds anything on the market today. Fully engineered, this equipment is smart, effective, and priced right.” 

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with our friends at Premier Equestrian,” said Scott Holmes, Co-owner of ABI Attachments. “Their expertise in synthetic footing pairs perfectly with our expertise in engineering equipment to get outdoor work done. Together, we’ve created a truly incredible groomer that will change the game of synthetic footing maintenance, making it more efficient and comprehensive than ever before.” 

ABI SportPro Arena Drag – Premier Equestrian Edition M1

The ABI SportPro – Premier Equestrian Edition M1 is small but mighty—perfect for personal facilities and smaller arenas; it can be towed with a utility cart, ATV, UTV, or small tractor. The ABI SportPro – Premier Equestrian Edition M3 is great for bigger arenas with more traffic; it can be towed with a large ATV, UTV, or sub-compact tractor. The ABI SportPro – Premier Equestrian Edition M5 is best for large facilities; it features a patent-pending self-locking swivel hitch that precisely follows the turns of the tractor around jumps and rails and straightens itself before locking when lifted. This self-locking swivel hitch enhances safety and reduces hassle when pulling in and out of the arena. 

ABI SportPro Arena Drag – Premier Equestrian Edition M3

All ABI SportPro – Premier Equestrian Edition groomers feature a sleek, highly functional design, and are built to last with the highest quality materials. Among their many top-of-the-line features, what makes SportPro groomers superior to others on the market is the unique steel frame—built without a shell for increased ease and visibility—and the adjustable configurations, which perfectly suit the requirements for your specific arena surface. 

ABI SportPro Arena Drag – Premier Equestrian Edition M5

Other key features of the ABI SportPro – Premier Equestrian Edition groomers provide options such as interchangeable S-tines or scarifiers, single or double rollers, a smoothing bar, optional rail/wall blades, and an optional wall protection wheel and transport wheels (M1 and M3 models only). These many features combine to create an ultra-efficient arena groomer. With the ABI SportPro – Premier Equestrian Edition, it only takes one pass to properly drag your arena, compared to two or three passes with other groomers on the market. 

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