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Features of ReitenRight Footing

made of 

what it does

■ Moisture retention

■ Cushion & energy return

■ Prevents packing

■ Prevents freezing

Learn more about surface characteristics

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ReitenRight Pricing

Starting at 62¢ per square foot

Get an average delivered price within the U.S.

This is an average delivered price, which includes freight and delivery. Price is subject to change based on location, square footage, sand depth, and sand type.

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Requirements for ReitenRight Footing

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Sand finemed 85x60

Sand Particle Size

Works well with a wide range of sand sizes A coarse to fine sand with angular to sub-angular particles.

4.75 to 0.105 mm
Sieves #4 – #140

Sand Data Sheet (ASTM/USA Sieve)
Print this PDF to take to your sand quarry

Coarse medium fine sand 510x288
Moisture med 85x60


ReitenRight requires

Athletex Nike footing mixed with sand 510x288
Grooming Equipment icon 85x60

Grooming Equipment

Requires little maintenance.

A wide range of grooming equipment can be used.

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