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Spotlight: The Sundance Dressage Arena and Berkshire Dressage Letters

By September 28th, 2021No Comments
Sundance Dressage Arena by Premier Equestrian

The Sundance Dressage Arena by Premier Equestrian

The Sundance Dressage Arena is Premier Equestrian’s top seller every year, providing riders and drivers with an attractive, easy-to-set-up and versatile product that won’t break the budget. Paired with our Berkshire Dressage Letters, the Sundance Arena will raise the aesthetic of any schooling or competitive space.

Here are a few reasons why we think the Sundance Arena is the best dressage arena in its class—and why we think you will love it, too.


Each Sundance Dressage Arena is built from high quality, made-in-the-USA materials, custom blended to minimize UV damage. The base cones are injection molded with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), an extremely durable plastic that is flexible yet shatter resistant. Sundance Arenas are rugged enough to leave outdoors year round, but are still easy to handle and set up.

Every component of the Sundance Dressage Arena is precisely measured and cut so that each rail fits perfectly into the set-in trough of the cone, making set up a snap. We offer standard 4-meter rails as well as our short rail version, with 9’3.5” rails, in either small or standard dressage arena sizes.


The Sundance Dressage Arena features fillable cones that add stability to the arena under windy conditions. Simply remove the plate on the bottom of the cone, fill it with sand, and you will have a twenty to thirty pound weight built right into your dressage arena. The next time you are faced with a blustery day or stormy weather, you won’t also be left picking up the pieces of your arena. With filled cones, the Sundance Dressage Arena has withstood wind gusts of up to fifty miles per hour.

Dressage cones and rails are designed so that the rail pops out easily if a horse’s leg strikes it. Our custom blended materials will bend but not shatter if hit. No more worries about delicate legs becoming entangled in links of chain or between slats of an arena!

Berkshire Dressage Letters by Premier Equestrian


The classic style of the Sundance Arena makes it suitable both for schooling at home and for use at competition venues. Our UV and impact resistant materials ensure that your ring will stay white and bright for years to come.

To complete your set up, we believe that Berkshire Dressage Arena Letters are the perfect complement to the Sundance Arena. These molded letters are manufactured with UV stabilized high-density polyethylene and are well designed to hold up to outdoor conditions. Berkshire Dressage Arena Letters feature highly visible main and center line letters silk screened on all four sides. And just like the Sundance Arena cones, Berkshire Dressage Letters can also be filled with sand thanks to a removeable plate on the base, making them sturdy and stable. Add a touch of elegance to your ambiance by filling the 5” molded in flowerpot on the top of each letter with your favorite arrangement. If you are feeling really fancy, drainage holes allow for permanent plantings, or add silk flowers for a less labor-intensive option.

With its classic appearance, durable materials, and attention to detail in design, it is easy to see why the Sundance Dressage Arena has been consistently ranked as Premier Equestrian’s top seller. This well-manufactured arena is guaranteed to give our customers the best value for their money. The team at Premier Equestrian believes in their products, because they are riders, too. All purchases include a 100% customer satisfaction warranty, and the experts at Premier Equestrian are just one phone call away to answer your questions.

Premier Equestrian is proud to be North America’s leading provider of high-quality dressage arena equipment, horse jumps, horse arena footing and arena maintenance equipment. Our products are in use from the most elite venues to private arenas all over the world, with 80% of our business coming from helping the average rider get the most out of limited budget and resources.


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