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Premier Equestrian Hall of Fame

Meet the Premier Equestrians

The Premier Equestrians are people dedicated to the development and preservation of horse sport. These people have accomplished high levels of competition, generated awareness of the sport, shared knowledge and training techniques to better serve the industry or have impacted the equestrian culture through their kindness, support and good sportsmanship.

Grand Prix dressage riders Steffen Peters and Shannon Peters

Steffen Peters

Olympic Dressage Rider

Laura Graves and Verdades Grand Prix dressage

Laura Graves

Olympic Dressage Rider

Olympic dressage rider Debbie McDonald and Brentina

Debbie McDonald

Olympic Dressage Rider

Olympic dressage rider Adrienne Lyle and Wizard

Adrienne Lyle

Olympic Dressage Rider

Grand Prix Showjump rider Todd Minikus

Todd Minikus

Grand Prix Showjump Rider

Grand Prix Showjump rider Alex Granato

Alex Granato

Grand Prix Showjump Rider

Event rider Tamra Smith and Dempsey at Rebecca Farm

Tamra Smith

Event Rider

Linda Parelli and Highland

Linda Parelli

Natural Horsemanship Expert

Premier Equestrian Sportsmanship Award Winners

Grand Prix showjump rider Luca Moneta

Luca Moneta

Grand Prix Showjump Rider

Akiko Yamazaki and Ravel

Akiko Yamazaki

Dressage Rider

Grand Prix Dressage rider Sahar Daniel Hirosh

Sahar Daniel Hirosh

Grand Prix Dressage Rider

Veterinarian and event rider Summer Peterson

Summer Peterson

Veterinarian, Event Rider, and co-founder of Skyline Event Park

Grand Prix Dressage rider Betsy Steiner

Betsy Steiner

Grand Prix Dressage Rider

Terri and Devon Kane of Diamante Farms

Terri and Devon Kane

Diamante Farms

Mette Larsen of Neue Schule USA and Metlar, LLC

Mette Larsen

Neue Schule USA & Metlar, LLC

Brin and Gracie Fairband IFSHA World and Grand National Championships

Brin and Gracie Fairband

Dressage Riders

Karin Hansen wins at 2016 IALHA National Championships

Karin Hansen

Dressage Rider, IALHA National Championships

Jon Holling  wins the Premier Equestrian sportsmanship award at Rebecca Farm

Jon Holling

Event Rider

Jennifer Baumert wins the Premier Equestrian Award ad AGDF

Jennifer Baumert

Dressage Rider

Shannon Dueck and James Koford at AGDF

Shannon Dueck and James Koford

Dressage Riders

Ryan Pfouts

Will Simpson

Gina Miles

David O’Connor

Ann Romney

Jennifer Baumert

Shannon Dueck

James Koford

Bethany and Rose Peslar

Karen Pavicic

Chris Von Martels

Lars Petersen

Ayva Palos

Roxann Behan

Becky Brok

Kiersten Main

Elizabeth Campbell

Greta Wrigley

Marcus Orlob

Ayden Uhlir

Bebe Davis

Ilse Schwartz

Dr. Heather Houck

Mary-Cameron Rollins

Pam Hardin

Jennifer Marchand

Gary Vander Ploeg

Michele Sizemore

Samira Uemeura

Abbey MacLellan

Sandy Eckles

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