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Frequently Asked Questions

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Footing Products

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, personal checks, wire transfers, gold bricks, and the occasional horse trade. In most cases payment is required before shipping.

What is your return policy?

Footing unopened is returnable. You are responsible for shipping both ways. There is a 5% restocking fee and a 3% merchant credit card fee.

Groomers are returnable after one week. You are responsible for shipping back to us. Upon inspection, we’ll refund your money less 5% restocking fee and 3% merchant credit card fees.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship anywhere in the world… Additional charges will apply

Do you do special discounts for non-profit organizations?

Yes, 5%, you must provide the 501 C3 paperwork

Do you offer footing sponsorships for competitive riders?

We have very limited space on our sponsored team. However, if you are a competitive Grand Prix or international rider, than we may be interested in hearing from you. Please contact us to find out more.

What are your footing products?

Our footing products include: ProTex – ArenaAid – Master’s Blend – Athletex – ProStride – HydroKeep – Slow Dust

How will my footing ship?

Footing is shipped on a freight truck. The trucking company will call you to schedule a delivery appointment. The truck will need access to your property and a place to turn around. When speaking to the trucking company, talk to them about the size of the truck and how to get in and out of your property.

It’s your responsibility to offload the pallets. A lift gate can be added to the freight truck if you don’t have access to a forklift or equipment that can lift at least 3,000 lbs.

How will my groomer ship?

Groomers are shipped on a freight truck. The trucking company will call you to schedule a delivery appointment. The truck will need access to your property and a place to turn around. When speaking to the trucking company, talk to them about the size of the truck and how to get in and out of your property.

It’s your responsibility to offload the pallets. A lift gate can be added to the freight truck if you don’t have access to a forklift or equipment that can lift 1,500 lbs.

How long will it take for my footing to be delivered?

Our usual delivery time is about three weeks from the time you place your order. Depending on what we have in stock and how far away you live it can be more or less time. Premier reps will discuss specific delivery times.

Do you provide the sand for my arena?

We do not provide the sand needed for you arena. However, we can assist you in finding local sands that will work with our products to help you keep costs down.

We will help you source your sand when you become a customer.

Do I need new sand?

This depends on your current arena sand. By sending in a sand sample we will be able to tell you if your current sand will work with our products for your purpose, or if you will be better off replacing with new sand. There are some sands that cannot be helped, but we always look to offer helpful solutions.

Who installs my footing?

There are a few options for installation:

  1. Do It Yourself – We’ll guide you through the process of installing and maintaining your own footing. Great for those who like hands-on projects with financial savings.
  2. Hire a builder/contractor in your area. We can still guide you and your builder wherever help is needed.
  3. Hire a Premier Builder – We have trusted arena builders across the country who will work with us on your project from start to finish.

Learn more about available services

What equipment do I need to install my footing?

Equipment we recommend for installation include a tractor; tractor attachments like a tiller, Harley rake, or disk; a manure spreader, and grooming equipment.

I don’t have access to water for my arena. How important is it?

Depending on the footing you are looking to install, water can be crucial. We always require a reliable and regular watering schedule for any of our high-performance textile/fiber additives.

Water isn’t required for our ProStride crumb-rubber, but water will always enhance any surface.

Read more about water in our blog

I’m having trouble mixing in my footing. What can I do?

If your textile / fiber footing is not mixing correctly, you may need to add more water or check your groomer’s settings. Please contact us if you are having any trouble mixing the footing in your arena at 800-611-6109.

How do I maintain my footing?

Daily, weekly, and yearly maintenance are key factors in having a great arena surface. Footing additives have specific functions and they are designed to be well incorporated into the sand. Grooming prevents footing additives from becoming separated from the sand. Without proper mixing the mechanics of the footing matrix and the quality of the surface are compromised.

Read our blog “Maintain Your Investment”

The equipment used to maintain your arena will have a direct result to its long-term performance. Older styles of equipment like chain drags, or drags with only straight teeth, will not support proper mixing of the sand particles and don’t work with textile additives. In designing our line of groomers we’ve included adjustable features that will mix, condition and finish an arena surface.

Premier Grooming Equipment

What is the lifespan of my footing?

A footing’s lifespan is dependent on the sand, additive, traffic, climate, and maintenance.

Regular maintenance will help your footing additive perform at its best and keeps sand particles mixed from top to bottom. As sand breaks down and additives become dull, you may need to incorporate new materials. If you’re not sure, send us a sample and we’ll test it and suggest what will bring your footing back to life.

How do I know which footing product I need?

Textiles, fibers, and crumb rubber can be added to resolve compaction, bind looseness, improve drainage, reduce dust, and more! Premier footing specialists will talk to you about existing surface concerns or guide you in selecting the correct sand and product for a new surface. We love to talk about footing! Get started with a free consultation.

Do your groomers work with sand only?

Our groomers are designed for textile footing surfaces, but we do have models that work better in sand only arenas.

Dressage Products

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Do all of your dressage arenas ship for free?

Yes! However, only in the contiguous United States. If you are in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico additional freight charges will apply.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes! We can ship anywhere in the world, although additional charges will apply. If you are in Canada, we can also broker your shipment. When ordering internationally (except Canada) we cannot broker the shipment and you will be responsible for duties and taxes when your arena arrives to your port.

How will my dressage arena ship?

Because our arenas are oversized items, they all ship by freight. This means they will be delivered to you on a freight truck. You are required to unload the truck.

If I live near your warehouse can I pick up my arena?

Yes! All of our dressage products ship out of Chino, CA. If you are in the area and would prefer to pick up your arena, please contact us at the office to make those arrangements.

How long will it take for my arena to be delivered?

Our usual delivery time is about three weeks from the time you place your order. Depending on what we have in stock and how far away you live it can be more or less time. We do our best to meet your shipping needs, but please contact us for specific delivery times.

I have a show or special event that I need my arena for. Can my arena be expedited to me?

Freight shipments work slightly differently than regular ground deliveries. There are options for an expedited shipment, but they are never guaranteed and can be exceptionally expensive. If you have a specific date you need your arena by, we highly suggest ordering your arena with at least one extra week to spare, in case of delays and/or lost or damaged item(s).

How do I receive my shipment?

Once your arena reaches the freight hub nearest to you, the freight company will call you to make an appointment for your delivery. When accepting your shipment, please make sure to review all the information provided by the driver and make sure all the boxes and pallets are accounted for. If they are not, please notate what is missing with the driver. That way we can immediately get to work on finding or re-sending you the missing pieces.

Damaged or missing items must be reported within one week.

My boxes were damaged upon delivery; Do I still accept my shipment?

Yes! If you have any damaged boxes or items, please notate it with the driver and accept the delivery. That way you can open your boxes in your own time to see if any parts need to be replaced. If parts do need to be replaced, just let us know and we will handle the freight claim for you. We suggest opening your boxes and checking to make sure all of the items are there and are in good condition in a timely manner. That way we can get replacements to you quickly. There is a limited window of time that we can make a freight claim, so we appreciate when we have the information as soon as possible.

What is your dressage arena warranty?

PVC materials have a 1-year warranty against yellowing, chalking, or fading due to UV damage. If this happens we will replace your product at no charge. Return the broken parts to Premier Equestrian and we will send a replacement(s). If it is not possible to return just the broken pieces, send us a detailed photograph of the damage and we will send you a replacement item. The customer will be responsible for shipping costs of the replacement item.

What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your products, for any reason, just return them to us within 30 days from the date of receipt, and we will refund your money, less shipping charges, 5% restocking fee, and the 3% merchant Credit Card fee. If the product being returned requires us to clean or repair it we will obviously ask you to pay for the work. We want you to be satisfied and we go to great lengths to make our customers happy.

What is the lifespan of my dressage arena?

The first dressage arena we made in 1999 is still standing beautifully today!

How do I clean and care for my dressage arena?

Premier Equestrian polymer products are UV protected, moisture resistant and perfectly safe to use throughout the winter. However if you will not be using them, here are some helpful tips for storing your equipment:

  1. Sand, grime and dirt will act as an abrasive, and can scratch your equipment when moving and stacking. Use water and a mild detergent to clean rails and cones.
  2. A small amount of paint thinner and a rag will buff out scratches on PVC rails.  Be careful not to let it set too long on the PVC or it can damage the material. Rinse with water.
  3. Stack rails on a flat surface to keep them straight and correct any bends that may have developed.

What is the difference between the Sundance, Pyramid, and the Wellington arenas?

The Sundance and Pyramid arenas are compatible with our base plate system, which allows you to weigh down some sections of your arena for a higher wind resistance. The Wellington arena is not compatible with our base plate system and is not suggested for heavy wind conditions.




The other major difference is the rail sizes. The Sundance and Wellington arenas utilize a 1.5″ x 5″ rail, and the Pyramid arena utilizes a 2″x6″ rail.

I have purchased products from you in the past and need replacements but I can’t find them on your website. Can you still replace them?

There are some items we no longer carry and are unable to replace. We apologize for any inconvenience.

My arena letters are fading, what can I do?

Vinyl lettering, adhesives, and silk screened letters have a 1-year warranty. Please contact us about replacements if your product falls under that period.

A bracket for one of my rail letters has broken, can I replace it?

Yes! Please contact us at the office and we can help you replace a single rail letter.

Dressage Arena

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What type of dressage arenas does Premier Equestrian offer?

Premier Equestrian offers a variety of dressage arena styles and price points, including the Sundance Dressage Arena, Pyramid Dressage Arena, Wellington Dressage Arena, Brentina Dressage Arena, Classic Dressage Arena, and Junior Classic Dressage Arena.

Every Premier dressage arena is made with the highest quality vinyl with impact modifiers and extra UV protection. Components are designed to set up your permanent or portable dressage arena perfectly and with ease.

How is the Sundance Dressage Arena different from the Pyramid or Wellington Arenas?

The Sundance Dressage Arena is our best-selling arena. Along with the Pyramid Dressage Arena, the rail support cones can be weighed down for windy conditions.

The Sundance, Pyramid, and Wellington dressage arenas utilize molded, one-piece rail support cones with set-in troughs. This makes set up and tear down easy, and it allows the rail to pop out for safety. The Sundance dressage Arena and Wellington dressage arena rails are 1.5” wide x 5” tall, and the Pyramid rails are 2” wide x 6” tall.

Visually, the Pyramid and Sundance dressage arenas have rounded curves on rail cones, while the Wellington dressage arena has a block-style cone.

What makes Premier Equestrian dressage arenas superior to others on the market?

Premier Equestrian sets the standard for dressage arena equipment. Our horse-tough dressage arena products are all made in the USA using high-tech materials with a focus on durability and safety. Premier Equestrian dressage arenas are strong, flexible, resilient, and impact- and shatter-resistant. Read more about how Premier Equestrian helped revolutionize the modern dressage arena industry.

What sizes are Premier Equestrian Dressage Arenas?

The standard dressage arena size is 20×60 meters (66’ x 198’) and is required for First Level Test 1 through Grand Prix and upper-level eventing. The small or short dressage arena size is 20×40 meters (66’ x 132’) and is used for lower-level dressage and eventing tests. Premier dressage arenas can be easily converted into small or standard sizes. Upgraded sizes are available too!

See our blog about the Geometry of the Dressage Ring: https://premierequestrian.com/the-geometry-of-the-dressage-ring/

Premier Equestrian offers Training Set Dressage Arenas which leave openings on the sides, allowing riders to move in and out of the ring. Learn more here: https://premierequestrian.com/product/sundance-dressage-training-arenas/

How do I set up my dressage arena?

Premier dressage arenas are easy to set up. Watch our video “How to Set Up a Dressage Arena” or download instructions for your arena style.

How do I set up dressage arena letters?

Dressage arena letters are commonly placed around the outside of your arena rail. If you have rail letters, just snap the channels onto the rails, or attach wall letters to the wall. For the dressage arena letter layout, use our diagrams or watch our videos.

Video 1

Video 2

What is the lifespan of my dressage arena?

Most Premier Equestrian dressage arenas feature molded, one-piece rail cones made of extremely durable, high-density polyethylene. This is the same material recycling bins are made of. Materials are engineered with impact modifiers and extra UV protection, so they will not shatter or fade. The first Premier dressage arena installed over 20 years ago is still standing beautifully today!

How do I maintain my dressage arena?

Premier Equestrian dressage arena maintenance is easy! Dressage arenas are made from sturdy PVC and high-density polyethylene. This material is UV treated for sun and impact. Aside from thorough cleaning from time to time, your arena is maintenance free.

To clean your arena, use water and a mild detergent with a sponge or soft cloth as abrasives may scratch the finish. Melamine foam sponges work great! (Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser) To get out stubborn stains, use mineral spirits followed by a water rinse. Go lightly when using mineral spirits—it can damage the finish.

When the dressage arena is set up, rails should be turned over every 2-3 months to prevent sagging. When moving your arena, be sure to lay flat and not let rails bend while in transit. Arena is safe to leave out in all weather conditions, however in extreme cold, rails are more susceptible to damage with any impact. To store, wash sand off rails to prevent scratching. Rails must lie flat on a smooth, flat surface. Rail cones should be clean and free of sand and debris before stacking.

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