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Arena Grooming Equipment

Horse Arena Drags & Levelers

Grooming and maintenance are key factors in achieving quality arena footing. Premier Equestrian horse arena drags enable you to maintain a consistent riding surface for your equine athlete, avoid footing irregularities, and condition your sand and footing additives. A professional-type arena leveler can overturn and redistribute the varying sand particle sizes and keep additives mixed thoroughly.

Premier Pro Groomer

With two rows of S-tines, two rows of coil tines, front and back rollers, and a three-point hitch the Premier Pro Groomer will keep up with the requirements of maintaining a large professionally-run facility.

8' Premier Pro Groomer7' Premier Pro Groomer6' Premier Pro Groomer
Groomer Size8' wide x 75" long7' wide x 75" long6' wide x 75" long
Groomer Weight1,250 lbs1,150 lbs1,050 lbs
Minimum Vehicle Power50 HP tractor40 HP tractor40 HP tractor
Vehicle Wheel Width86"74"62"

Premier Pro Lite Groomer

The Premier Pro Lite is a lighter-weight version of the Pro Groomer, with two rows of S-tines, two rows of coil tines, front and back rollers, and a three-point swivel hitch.

6' Premier Pro Lite Groomer5' Premier Pro Lite Groomer
Groomer Size6' wide x 68" long5' wide x 68" long
Groomer Weight750 lbs700 lbs
Minimum Vehicle Power24 HP tractor24 HP tractor
Vehicle Wheel Width62"50"

Premier Mini Pro Groomer

With the same great features as the Premier Pro, the Premier Mini Pro is a compact, lighter-weight version. This arena leveler is designed to be pulled with smaller equipment without a 3-Point hitch.

6' Premier Mini Groomer5' Premier Mini Groomer
Groomer Size6' wide x 68" long5' wide x 68" long
Groomer Weight650 lbs600 lbs
Minimum Vehicle Power24 HP tractor or 700cc18 HP tractor or 700cc
Vehicle Wheel Width62"50"

Premier Standard Groomer

Outfitted with S-tines, a leveling bar, and a roller the Premier Standard Groomer combines several design elements that extend its grooming capabilities.

7' Premier Standard Groomer6' Premier Standard Groomer5' Premier Standard Groomer
Groomer Size7' wide x 52" long6' wide x 52" long5' wide x 52" long
Groomer Weight400 lbs350 lbs300 lbs
Minimum Vehicle Power25-35 HP or 650cc20-30 HP or 500cc18-24 HP or 500cc
Vehicle Wheel Width74"62"50"


Premier groomers contain all the features and adjustability you’ll ever need for mixing, maintaining, and perfecting your arena surface. Perfect for all types of footing and safe for the base, landscape liners, and base mats.

1. Hitch Systems

3-Point Hitch: The Pro Groomer and Pro Light have a 3-Point Swivel Hitch which allows the groomer to track and swivel behind the tractor, helping to eliminate sand piling into the corners.
Single-Point Hitch: Tow the Mini Pro groomer behind a utility vehicle. A tongue & ratchet jack is available with the Premier Standard Groomer.

2. S-Tines & Coil Tines

Adjust the depth and angle of S-Tines and Coil Tines. S-Tines dig, lift, mix, fluff, and level the arena surface. Coil Tines create a vibrating action to blend, smooth, finish, fill in grooves, and pack down the surface.

3. Rollers stabilize and compact

The rollers keep the groomer stable, eliminating the chance of tines digging too deep into the surface. Rollers also aid in extra compaction when needed.



Lift fine particles that have settled; mix particles and footing additives.


Break up chunks, scrape hard spots, loosen, and redistribute material.


Raise and lower the tines to adjust the rollers’ compaction.

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