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Arena Grooming Equipment

Horse Arena Drags & Levelers

Grooming and maintenance are key factors in achieving quality arena footing. Premier Equestrian horse arena drags enable you to maintain a consistent riding surface for your equine athlete, avoid footing irregularities, and condition your sand and footing additives. A professional-type arena leveler can overturn and redistribute the varying sand particle sizes and keep additives mixed thoroughly.

Premier Standard Groomer

Outfitted with S-tines, a leveling bar, and a roller the Premier Standard Groomer combines several design elements that extend its grooming capabilities.

Premier Mini Pro Groomer

With the same great features as the Premier Pro, the Premier Mini Pro is a compact, lighter-weight version. This arena leveler is designed to be pulled with smaller equipment without a 3-Point hitch.

Premier Pro Groomer

With S-tines, coil tines, a leveling bar, and front and back rollers, the Premier Pro Groomer will keep up with the requirements of maintaining a large professionally-run facility.

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