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Which Mats Are Right for My Horse Arena, Paddocks & Farm?

By March 3, 2023January 25th, 2024No Comments

Whether you’re looking for arena base mats, paddock mats, or a solution for drainage and mud control around your barn or farm, Premier Equestrian offers a variety of safe and effective products to fit your budget and needs. Our Premier Geo Grid mats work great for drainage, mud management and ground stabilization. When it comes to your riding arena, you can’t beat OTTO Sport Base Mats for concussion mitigation and water conservation.  

Each these products are designed for quick drainage and stabilization, but their applications and additional benefits differ. So which product is right for your equestrian facility? Keep reading to learn more about each product, and their pros and cons.



Premier Geo Grid mats stabilize any surface around your home, farm, or barn where erosion can occur and where drainage is needed for standing water or stormwater run-off. Geo Grid mats eliminate the need for expensive drainage systems.  

Geo Grid mats do not lock together, so we recommend using them for smaller areas such as dog kennels, horse paddocks, RV pads, and gravel driveways. One advantage of the mats not having an interlocking system, though, is that it helps prevent them from buckling due to heat expansion—which makes Geo Grid mats an ideal option for warmer climates.

Premier Geo Grid Mats

Geo Grid mats are priced competitively and is great for DIY projects. It’s more affordable than VersiGrid, but because the mats are available in smaller quantities for purchase, it can require more labor to install. One box covers 36 square feet, a half palette covers 308 square feet, and a full palette covers 608 square feet. 

Geo Grid mats are made from 97% post-consumer recycled, reinforced high-density Polyethylene (the most used plastic in the world). It’s non-toxic and safe for horses and other animals. Geo Grid mats can be used in sensitive areas with volatile ecological systems (wetlands, protected lands, etc.) LEARN MORE ABOUT PREMIER GEO GRID MATS

Otto Base Mats


Premier Equestrian is the North American distributor for OTTO Sport Base Mats—the world’s best arena base mats, featured in top equestrian facilities across the globe. Unlike Geo Grid and VersiGrid, OTTO Sport mats are designed specifically for horse arenas and turnouts—they are not intended for paddocks, pastures, driveways, etc.  

The OTTO Sport system provides cushion, rebound, and skid resistance; sand stabilization; and water retention and water drainage. A typical OTTO Sport dressage arena can retain as much as 4,800 liters of water after a heavy rainstorm—yet allows riders to resume work immediately due to superior drainage. The OTTO Sport system works especially well when installed in an Arion Ebb & Flow Arena.

Horse Arena Footing
OTTO Sport Base Mats

OTTO Sport Base Mats are an investment, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. By installing an arena base mat system like OTTO Sport, you can help prevent injury to your equine athlete. Over time, the mats will enhance the overall well-being of your horses and promote your arena longevity. Each mat covers 1 square meter or 10.7 square feet.  

OTTO Sport mats are manufactured from recycled synthetic material and are safe for horses and riders.  LEARN MORE ABOUT OTTO Sport 

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