Premier Geo Grid Mats for Drainage and Mud Control


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Premier Geo Grid Mats for Ground Stabilization

Use in areas with gravel or grass to help prevent erosion. Premier Geo Grid mats work great for horse stalls, paddocks, pastures, pathways, driveways, gate entrances, and beneath recreational vehicles, as well as larger areas such as parking lots and high-traffic grass areas for equestrian facilities and farms.

Specs for

Premier Geo Grid Mats

Premier Geo Grid mats are made from 97% post-consumer recycled, reinforced high-density Polyethylene (the most used plastic in the world). Premier Geo Grid mats are non-toxic and safe for horses and other animals.

Each mat section is 19.75” L x 15.25” W x 1.75” T, weighs 2.4 lbs, and covers 2.14 sqft
5 mats cover 10.76 sqft or 1 sq meter
Each hexagon cell is 2 1/8” x 2 3/8” with 1 5/16” base opening and ½” perimeter openings
1/8” cell wall and base thickness
Available in a box, half pallet, or full pallet
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Premier Geo Grid Mats

Uses & Benefits

Premier Geo Grid mats stabilize any surface around your home, farm, or barn where erosion can occur and where drainage is needed for standing water or stormwater run-off.

Premier Geo Grid mats can be used for light load and medium to heavy load specifications, depending on your existing soil base and added base.

  • Economical price
  • Heavy duty and built to last
  • Offers horizontal and vertical drainage
  • Eliminates the need for expensive drainage systems
  • Can be used in sensitive areas with volatile ecological systems (wetlands, protected lands, etc.)
  • Made in America and Free Shipping in the contiguous U.S.

Light Load Applications

  • Horse stalls, paddocks, pastures, turnouts
  • Pedestrian traffic, walking/running/biking trails
  • Nature trails, cart paths
  • Green spaces
  • Erosion control
  • Handicap access / ADA compliance
  • Stormwater management

Note: A soil base of CBR >= 3 and a class 2 road base fill is a H10 to H20 Medium to Heavy Load when installed to the heavy load specifications. The compressive strength of the unfilled paver is 76,839 psf.

Medium to Heavy Load Applications

  • Parking areas, horse trailer parking, RV parking
  • Utility vehicle access
  • Driveways, service roads

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