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Footing Facts and Figures

By November 18, 2018September 28th, 2021No Comments
Heidi WEG france

Heidi Zorn Premier Equestrian Inc. president and dressage arena footing expert. (Photo courtesy of JRPR no photo credit necessary)

Premier Equestrian’s Heidi Zorn to Present At The 2018 Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention

Salt Lake City, Utah (November 19, 2018) – She’s back by popular demand. Premier Equestrian Inc. president and dressage arena footing expert Heidi Zorn has accepted an invitation to speak on ‘Footing Facts and Figures,’ at 5:30 pm on Friday, November 30, during ‘Dressage Elevated,’ the 2018 Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention, November 28-December 1, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Sand is the key ingredient to great arena footing but the footing products you choose to combine with new or existing sand can improve that surface tremendously,” she says.” People think that just adding some name-brand ingredient to their sand will produce a great arena and that’s far from the case.”

Zorn, who first addressed a USDF Convention in 2005, says that the ‘figures’ behind good footing are about more than just the cost of the raw goods involved. “The cost in the long run, from not investing in good footing products up front, comes in greater loss of use, or higher incidences of injury.”

‘Footing Facts and Figures’ will be an in-depth look at the effects of footing surfaces on our equine partners, sand characteristics, types of footing surfaces, common construction practices and costs, as well as the emotional “cost” of riding on various surfaces over time.

“As equestrian hobbies and competitions evolve and progress, it is becoming increasingly more important for us to be aware of the surfaces we ride our beloved equine partners on.” Premier Equestrian is the Official Dressage Arena of the US Dressage Federation and Official Footing Supplier of US Equestrian, and provides footing and dust control products, grooming equipment, and OTTO Sport Ebb&Flow and PerforatedMats.

Zorn and co-owner Mark Neihart launched Premier Equestrian almost two decades ago to supply riders with well-researched footing solutions, dressage arenas, and arena groomers. Today, every product sold by Premier Equestrian is measured against a passionate standard for safety, practicality and the wellbeing of the horse. To learn more about footing and biomechanics, or to request a free catalog or a sand analysis consultation from Premier Equestrian, call (800)611-6109 or visit www.premierequestrian.com.

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