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Premier Equestrian Unveils Next Level in Textile Footing: ProTex

By June 20, 2016September 29th, 2021No Comments

Sandy, Utah (June 20, 2016) – After two years of product development and testing, Premier Equestrian, the Official Footing Supplier of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), has announced the release of its newly advanced Premier ProTex™ Arena Footing. Premier Equestrian is widely known for its world-class arena footing products, and is proud to present this cutting-edge, professional-level ProTex™ footing.

Premier Equestrian’s team of global footing experts has reformulated its ProTex™ footing using a consistent mix of new materials that minimize airborne particles. The focus was on enhancing the ProTex™ footing’s stability and traction, while preserving cushion and shock absorption qualities. The team, with decades of combined product knowledge, uses a scientific approach when formulating its footing products. The footing, as with all of Premier Equestrian arena products, underwent rigorous tests in the company’s Sandy, Utah-based research lab, with the end goal being an ideal surface that promotes the health and longevity of all equine athletes.

“The latest science behind arena footing has revealed that five characteristics— firmness, cushion, cupping, rebound, and grip— are needed for a professional surface to maintain the health of the horse,” states Heidi Zorn, President of Premier Equestrian. “Premier ProTex™ was designed to address each of these characteristics needed for a professional surface, and is mixed with sand at a ratio that can be customized to each equestrian’s specific discipline of riding.”

Premier Equestrian knows that arena footing needs to change depending on the discipline of riding and the reciprocal demands put on the horse. The company designed ProTex™ as a flexible product that can be tailored to most equestrian disciplines.

Zorn explains, “At Premier Equestrian, we have been studying equine biomechanics for the past ten years. This ever-growing body of knowledge gives us the edge in footing design. We have used our unique understanding of the horse’s movement to address problems with other footings that have the tendency to get hard and stop the horses’ hooves too abruptly. Premier ProTex™ delivers a consistent and characteristically superb surface for horses.”

Premier Equestrian also offers free consultation and sand analysis reports to help customers choose the optimum-riding surface. Additionally, the company has produced an easy-to-understand educational video explaining the science behind footing. The video is called How Arena Surfaces Affect Horse Biomechanics, and describes how surface characteristics— such as the elements in ProTex™ — work together to minimize concussion, absorb shock, provide support, and return energy back to the horse. The must watch video can be viewed at https://premierequestrian.com/horse-arena-footing/.

In addition to the company’s advanced line of high performance and enhancing footing additives, Premier Equestrian is also well known for its picturesque dressage arenas, expertly manufactured horse jumps, and revolutionary arena maintenance equipment. To learn more about Premier Equestrian and the advanced ProTex™ footing, visit http://premierequestrian.com/category/footing-products/ProTex.html.

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