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Premier Equestrian Returns as a Sponsor of the 2022 Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida

By December 20, 2021February 17th, 2022No Comments
Brentina Equestrian Arena

Premier Equestrian, Inc., is pleased to return as a sponsor of the 2022 Global Dressage Festival (AGDF), which runs January 12 to April 3 in Wellington, Florida. AGDF is one of the world’s largest national and international dressage circuits. Premier Equestrian’s Sundance Dressage Arena, Brentina Arena, and Berkshire Dressage Letters are featured at the Global Dressage Festival Showgrounds.

“We’re looking forward to being back in Wellington for Global 2022,” said Heidi Zorn, Premier Equestrian President. “This will be an exciting year of competition following the US Dressage Team’s incredible silver medal win at the Tokyo Olympics last summer.”

Currently featured at Global, Premier Equestrian’s Sundance Dressage Arena is made from high-quality materials, including UV-resistant vinyl and injection-molded base cones for an indestructible design. It features a set-in trough for quick and easy set-up, making it one of Premier’s best-selling arenas and a top choice of equestrians and competition venues including the Global Dressage Festival Showgrounds. 

The revolutionary design of Premier Equestrian’s Brentina Arena, which combines form and function, has debuted at the AGDF main stadium for several years. The safety features of the Brentina Arena are unsurpassed, and the arena offers top of the line elegance.

As a pioneer in the dressage arena industry, blazed a new trail when they launched their Classic Dressage Arena back in 2000. Crafted from lightweight yet durable PVC, it was the first dressage arena of its kind. The revolutionary design offered a safe, stylish, and affordable alternative to more expensive dressage arenas and dangerous chain-link and cinder block arenas that were popular at the time. 

More than two decades and many new dressage developments later, from additional arena designs to flower boxes and accessories, Premier Equestrian has continued to make a name for itself as a key player in the world of dressage. The company is also regarded as the industry  expert in horse arena footing, trusted by top equestrians and facilities throughout the nation.

Premier Equestrian is proud to call all three members of the US Dressage Team Premier Equestrian Ambassadors: Olympic silver medalists Adrienne Lyle, Steffen Peters, and Sabine Schut-Kery all ride and train on arena surfaces featuring Premier Footing™ Products.

About Premier Equestrian
For over 20 years, Premier Equestrian has been studying how equestrian arena surfaces interact with horse biomechanics. All Premier Equestrian arena and footing products are formulated with biomechanics and injury prevention in mind. 

Premier Equestrian is North America’s leading supplier of dressage arenas, high-quality footing products, arena drags and groomers, and arena construction consultation. Premier Equestrian is a recognized expert in horse arena footing as it relates to equine biomechanics. This knowledge is used daily to help horse owners across North America improve arenas and footing. Learn more by calling 800-611-6109 or visiting PremierEquestrian.com.  

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