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Premier Equestrian Expands Sponsorship Agreement With the United States Dressage Federation

By July 1, 2019July 29th, 2019No Comments

Sandy, UT (July 1, 2019)Premier Equestrian, the arena company and one of North America’s leading expert on equestrian surfaces, is proud to announce the signing of a 2019 sponsorship agreement with the United States Dressage Federation (USDF). Premier Equestrian will continue to be the Official Dressage Arena of the US Dressage Finals. Mark Neihart, CEO and Co-Founder of Premier Equestrian is excited to continue this mutually beneficial relationship. “We’ve been actively involved with the USDF since our inception in 2000,” he explains, “We were the first company to sponsor the USDF Adult Clinic Series through the USDF with Walter Zettl, and today we sponsor the US Dressage Finals with our dressage arenas and also sponsor their publication, Underfoot, which is all about footing and arena building. So the relationship seems to work! It’s a great organization and a really focused group,” he adds.

Neihart goes on to say that in addition to the sponsorship agreement, Premier Equestrian is also looking forward to working with the USDF by offering a series of online courses through the USDF University. “We’ve had the opportunity in the past to work with FEI technical delegates and other organization officials to help them discern what good footing is and the proper footing for a competition,” Neihart explains, “So we hope to help educate USEF Technical Delegates as well by providing information about what to look for with dressage footing.” Neihart adds that the plan is to also offer courses to the public and help fill an information void about arena footing.  He explains that by working more closely with the USDF, they can extend some of their customer service skills to reach more people. “We take the time with each customer and go through a very thorough consultation,” Neihart describes, “We ask questions like what do you do? What kind of horses to you have? How many times a day are you riding? Do you have water? Where do you live? And so on.”  He explains that not many people realize how many factors affect the footing. “For example,” Neihart continues, “A high end training facility needs a different surface than a backyard rider. We even ask people how much their horse weighs because a pony is going to affect the footing a whole lot differently than an 18 hand warmblood!” Neihart says that constructing a dressage arena is a very involved process “All of these factors get put in,” he describes, “It’s not just throwing some material in the dirt and hoping it works. It’s a delicate blend of carefully chosen sand and additives.

Premier Equestrian creates the highest-quality arena surfaces that benefit horses and everyone in the equestrian community. Using the best materials and construction techniques available, Premier’s arena surfaces enhance performance and promote safety, longevity, and good health for horses.

With genuine care for the company, products, and customers, Premier provides excellent customer service to find the best solution to benefit all. The company develops long-term relationships with customers, and wants them to be completely satisfied with their investment in the care of their horses.

The Premier Equestrian team is made up of professional, competent, and friendly people who work together utilizing each of their strengths, while encouraging growth in each other. The team keeps themselves educated in order to contribute essential knowledge to the equestrian community. It is Premier Equestrian’s goal to be experts on arena surfaces, building techniques, materials, technology, and how arena surfaces affect the overall health of horses.

Premier Equestrian wishes for all disciplines of equestrians and horse lovers to have enjoyable experiences with their horses, in or outside the show ring. The company is proud to offer an affordable choice for first-rate American-made products that enhance the equestrian performance of its customers. For more information about Premier Equestrian and its full line of products including footing, dressage arenas, and arena groomers, please call 1-800-611-6109 or visit www.PremierEquestrian.com.

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