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Mette Larsen of Neue Schule USA is Honored with Premier Equestrian Award for her Commitment to Bettering Horses’ Lives

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Mette Larsen of Neue Schule USA enjoys a quiet moment with her horses after being presented with the Premier Equestrian Award at High Performance Farms in Ocala, Florida. (Photo courtesy Christine Rose Photography)

Ocala, FL (March 31,2017) – Premier Equestrian, leading supplier of riding arenas, footing, and horse jumps, was pleased to recognize Mette Larsen, president and founder of Metlar, LLC & Neue Schule USA, the distributor of Neue Schule bits, as a “Premier Equestrian.” Individuals selected to receive this honor are chosen because they have demonstrated a keen commitment to bettering the lives of horses through their equestrian pursuits and career. As the most recent recipient of the Premier Equestrian Award, Larsen was presented with a tri-colored ribbon and an engraved silver award tray for her accomplishments and contributions to the equestrian community.

Larsen, whose pursuits in the equestrian world span an impressively wide range, is not only a dressage competitor but also president and founder of Metlar, LLC & Neue Schule USA, the distributor of Neue Schule bits, which are especially designed for a horse’s comfort. She also runs her own High Performance Farms in Ocala, Florida, where she offers training, retraining, and rehabilitation services. In addition to these pursuits, Larsen is a dedicated doctor of osteopathic medicine, and employs her depth of medical knowledge to benefit the horses on her farm.

When asked what drives her in her work, Larsen credits her innate love of the equine. “I’m driven by my love for horses and wanting to make a difference in how they are trained, treated, and thought of. At the farm, we train horses in all disciplines; dressage horses, hunter/jumpers, and the great horse that “stopped wanting to” because something went wrong or someone stopped listening. We break down the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of training and build a program that includes riding, turnout with or without other horses, what emotional support is needed, what physical support is needed, and what mental support or structure is needed. We also evaluate what equipment, saddles, and bits will help. Each horse is a new slate- a new creation, a new challenge for us to develop something both great and happy. This is what warms my heart.”

Larsen is pleased to use her medical expertise and experience to give horses the love, good health, and quality of life that they deserve. Along with her diverse training program, she has an extensive arsenal of medical modalities she utilizes in caring for and treating her horses; both as athletes, and in the restorative treatment of old and new injuries. Larsen said, “Horses in our program have access to shockwave therapy, acupuncture and acupressure, essential oils, homeopathic medicine, electro-magnetic therapy, lasers, bach flower remedies, herb blankets, stretching techniques before and after riding, myofascial release, chiropractic, cranio-sacral treatments, high dose vitamin C therapy and Ozone to list a few.”

“We pick and choose what a horse needs and add these treatments to their overall training programs” explained Larsen. “Ozone has been the most recent addition to our protocols, alone and in combination with other treatments. “It’s been amazing to see the profound response it has had in some really sick horses with infections, and in a recent case that was EPM positive with neurologic signs. It also expedites the healing progress that happens when treating injured horses. We also do a monthly maintenance protocol to boost their immune system and improve their overall well being, said Larsen. I just keep trying to learn how I can be a better horseman, healer, and champion for these incredible athletes we call horses.”

Larsen’s business pursuits with Neue Schule USA are also driven by a similar devotion to improving the lives of horses. When asked what sparked her involvement with Neue Schule, Larsen stated, “Neue Schule bits were the best made bits that I had ever seen anywhere in the world, and the company was committed to making good, kind, correct bits for horses. I needed to help get them known in the US and so here we are, bit by bit, one horse and one human at a time, working to make a difference.”

Larsen, who was thrilled to be selected by Premier Equestrian for the honor, recognizes the importance of good footing. “It’s all about the footing” observed Larsen. “Good footing makes for more confident horses and decreases the risks of injury. Thank you, Premier Equestrian, for helping our athletes have really good footing to train on.”

Premier Equestrian was pleased to recognize Larsen among its circle of exceptional equestrians who share in the company’s value of commitment to equine health and well-being. Premier Equestrian’s top-quality riding surfaces are designed with a foundational knowledge of horse biomechanics in order to prevent injuries and maintain a horse’s top body condition.

Based in Sandy, Utah, for over a decade, Premier Equestrian provides affordable, top-quality footing and arena equipment for all types of horses and disciplines. The company can drastically improve existing riding surfaces for a reasonable cost or can build a brand new state-of-the-art arena from the base up. Premier Equestrian has provided dressage arenas for top competitions such as the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships, the U.S. Dressage Finals, and the 2010 World Equestrian Games. Its arena footing is also installed at The Del Mar National horse show and its dressage arenas are being used at the 2017 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping & FEI Dressage Finals in Omaha, Nebraska.

The company also produces horse jumps, dressage arenas, barn and stable equipment, gifts, books, and DVDs. To find out more about the Premier Equestrian Award or to request a catalog, an arena footing sample, or arena sand analysis, call (800) 611-6109 or visit www.premierequestrian.com.


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