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Know What’s Underfoot in Your Arena with Premier Equestrian and the United States Dressage Federation

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Sandy, UT (April 1, 2016) — Premier Equestrian, an industry leader in providing outstanding arena footing and equipment to all disciplines of equestrians, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the 2016 United States Dressage Federation’s (USDF) Underfoot booklet. Underfoot is the equestrian’s go-to guide on arena construction, maintenance, and repair. Premier Equestrian is pleased to sponsor the publication and contribute expertise in footing materials and footing selection.

With over a decade of experience producing top-quality footing additives, arena base materials, grooming equipment, and watering systems, Premier Equestrian helps to guide Underfoot readers through the choices involved in arena footing selection and maintenance. With explanations on each main footing material— such as turf, sand, and sand-based footings— Underfootalso expands on the effectiveness of using additives in the footing mixture. The addition of fibers, felt, and polymers can help stabilize certain footing, as Premier Equestrian knows well. Heidi Zorn, President of Premier Equestrian, states, “You need three things to successfully use a textile footing additive: the right sand, the ability to water regularly, and the correct grooming equipment.”

Premier Equestrian incorporates its knowledge of the biomechanics of equine movement into its footing, and is committed to creating exemplary products for safety, practicality, and function. Premier footing additives, along with Premier Equestrian’s entire line of advanced footing enhancement options, has passed stringent toxicology testing, and is safe for horses and humans.

“If it is not safe for the horse, we won’t use it,” Zorn states.

In the footing selection chapter of Underfoot, Premier Equestrian helps readers make educated decisions through considering the main factors of footing materials, such as hardness, friction or grip, cushioning, and rebound. The correct combination and balance of all factors forms the perfect recipe for footing, which differs among disciplines. As Premier Equestrian outlines, dressage horses performing collected gaits and movements rely highly on balance, and require a surface that offers sufficient frictional resistance for support of these movements. Underfoot gives readers the resources needed to research these factors and make a conclusive decision on what their needs may be.

The United States Dressage Federation and Premier Equestrian hope that equestrians find Underfoot to be a valuable tool and outline for building their dream arenas. To purchase Underfoot, visit To learn more about Premier Equestrian’s extensive line of footing products and arena equipment, visit or call (800) 611-6109.

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