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Kiersten Main Earns Bronze Medal and Title of Premier Equestrian at the Summer Sizzler 1 Dressage Show

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Newberry, FL (July 2, 2015) — The Summer Sizzler 1 Dressage Show at Canterbury Showplace in Newberry, Florida was a victorious event for Kiersten Main. Her riding was impressive, but what really caught the attention of onlookers was Main’s obvious enthusiasm for spending the weekend with her horses competing in the dressage ring. Her equestrian passion earned Main the title of “Premier Equestrian,” an honor sponsored by leading arena and footing company Premier Equestrian. The company presented Main with the Premier Equestrian mounting block, a tricolor award ribbon, a Premier Equestrian towel, and a copy of the novel Horse Angels written by Premier Equestrian’s CEO, Mark Neihart.

Premier Equestrian travels the United States to award riders like Main for exemplifying the company’s values of sportsmanship and horsemanship. Equestrians who are dubbed “Premier Equestrians” are those who demonstrate graciousness to fellow competitors, while also displaying true compassion for horses and respect for the world of competitive riding. When asked what her secret is to having such a great attitude, Main responded, “I’m horse obsessed. If you’re nice to your horses, they’re going to be nice back.”

At the Summer Sizzler 1 Dressage show, Main competed with her Warlander (a cross between the Fresian and Andalusian breeds) mare, Westasia, resulting in exciting scores. “It went very well,” said Main. “We also finished up our second level scores for our bronze medal.”

Main owns the aptly named ‘Main Riding Academy’ in Apopka, Florida, which specializes in Fresians, Andalusians, and Arabians. The academy offers lessons in dressage, fox hunting, and basic horsemanship. “We have an Andalusian stallion for breeding who is also our Grand Prix prospect,” Main proudly adds.

Main makes a tradition of attending the Summer Sizzler show in Newberry each year. “We really like the facility as well as the show organization,” said Main. “Everyone is so nice and gracious and helpful, which makes it a fun show.”

Premier Equestrian was proud to award Main with the prize and title of “Premier Equestrian.” Like Main, the company is dedicated to the advancement of the equestrian sports and promoting good horsemanship.

Premier Equestrian creates revolutionary horse jumps that are customizable, durable, and maintenance-free. Premier Equestrian also specializes in world-class footing prepared to meet the needs of any geographic location and discipline. The company offers numerous benefits such as educational information, discounted arena packages, easy set-up, and completely horse-safe materials. Notable “Premier Equestrians” who greatly value the company’s products include Linda Parelli, Debbie McDonald, Steffen Peters, Adrienne Lyle, Laura Graves, Akiko Yamazaki, and Luca Moneta. Premier Equestrian’s products are popular among riders competing at any level.

For more information about Premier Equestrian and the exceptional products the company has to offer, visit www.PremierEquestrian.com or call 1-800-611-6109.


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