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Karen Pavicic Dubbed Premier Equestrian at the 2016 Adequan Global Dressage Festival

By February 29, 2016March 23rd, 2020No Comments

Wellington, FL (February 29, 2016) What is a Premier Equestrian? The best people to ask would be the aptly named manufacturer of horse arenas, arena footing, and jumps— Premier Equestrian. The successful company is spending the winter honoring riders who are most deserving of the title of “Premier Equestrian” at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida. This weekend, the company showed that a Premier Equestrian is someone who works hard to meet their goals in dressage competition while never losing their positive attitude and love for the sport.

Karen Pavicic, an accomplished Canadian Grand Prix dressage competitor, was chosen as the newest winner of the Premier Equestrian Award at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. With the upcoming Olympic Games qualification period this July, Pavicic has focused her goals on achieving her personal best in the show ring this winter. Premier Equestrian, an innovative company known for providing advanced riding arena systems, recognized Pavicic for her drive, sportsmanship, and achievements in the dressage world by presenting her with the Premier Equestrian Award, which included a tri-colored ribbon, an engraved plaque, and the title of “Premier Equestrian.”

After a successful 2015 season with her 14-year-old Oldenburg Don Daiquiri (Don Cardinale x Rubinstein I), Pavicic is back this 2016 winter season with strong performances. “My goal this season is to achieve my personal best,” Pavicic stated. “So far that’s been working out quite well, the first show this 2016 season we had a personal best of over 70 percent in the Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, and over 73 percent in the Grand Prix Freestyle.”

Pavicic and Don Daiquiri will also be vying for a spot on the Canadian team headed to Rio. Although Canada only has two slots for the team with highly competitive candidates, the Adequan Global Dressage Festival is the perfect place for Pavicic to continue her efforts towards earning her ticket. “It’s the perfect place, performing in front of international judges with this fantastic venue and great sponsors. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to come here and compete week in and week out,” Pavicic said.

Her good sportsmanship attitude is another reason she was chosen for the Premier Equestrian Award. “The biggest thing that I have learned from past mishaps in the ring,” Pavicic said, “is that my horse has to go out there and enjoy what he does everyday. It cant be done from force or pressure, or being too competitive. He has to want to come out here and do it. It’s not really about how I do in the end, it’s about how I am feeling about my performance. If I felt like we had a good a partnership and performance in the ring, that is satisfying to me. If we do well, then that’s just icing on the cake.”

Pavicic also works hand in hand to promote the advancement of Canadian dressage in the world rankings with the Canadian Dressage Athlete Assistance Program (C-DAAP). She previously received funds from C-DAAP, which helped to further her skills by training and competing overseas and widening her international presence in dressage.

To give back to C-DAAP for the assistance, Pavicic hosted a social fundraiser this past summer, which included a clinic, silent auction, wine sampling, and Grand Prix freestyle presentation that she narrated. “It was great for the sport, and great to give back to the sport as well,” Pavicic said.

Premier Equestrian was proud to present Pavicic with the award and wishes her the best of luck in her future endeavors. The Premier Equestrian Award will be presented each CDI week during the twelve-week Adequan Global Dressage Festival to honor riders who are not only competitive, but also kind and gracious to other competitors and show staff, put their horses first, and contribute to a positive overall atmosphere in the dressage world. Premier Equestrian hopes that this award will let competitors know that their outstanding attitudes are noticed and appreciated, and will encourage all riders to enter the show ring in winning spirits.

Premier Equestrian is proud to offer continued support of the dressage community as an Official Partner and Sponsor of the 2016 Adequan Global Dressage Festival show series. The company offers high-quality and affordable products to dressage riders— including premier dressage arenas, world-class arena footing, revolutionized horse jumps, and accessories. For more information about the presenter of the Premier Equestrian Award, visit www.PremierEquestrian.com or call 800-611-6109.


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