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Horse Trials Competitor Lucy Hawes Recognized as a Premier Equestrian

By May 31, 2015January 29th, 2020No Comments

Parker, CO (May 31, 2015) – Lucy Hawes was recognized as a Premier Equestrian at the Colorado Horse Park Horse Trials. Hawes, who competed in Open Training, was being hard on herself for a small error she made on cross-country. That didn’t keep her from supporting her friends and in the end, she was able to smile at her mistake. After the event she feels like she and her horse are much more educated by the challenges of the weekend.

Hawes competed in Open Training with her 8 year-old Thoroughbred/Clydesdale cross, Scotty Lad. Hawes’ sister and show jump rider, Sarah Ballou, saw something special when she found him in California. He moved to Sandy, Utah where Hawes rides at Lynnleigh Farm. “When he arrived he had a lot of draft about him — how he went, his coat and fetlocks. He had done some dressage, cattle herding and was a pick-up horse forsome draft horse shows. What I love about him is that he greets each day willing to try and his instinct reactions to problems are really smart,” Hawes says of her two-year partner.

Other competitors from Lynnleigh Farm joined Hawes and Scotty at the CHP Horse Trials. Hawes says, “I love competing with my barn friends and supporting each other. We each have our own journey in this sport and you hope everyone can do his or her best.” According to Hawes, great sportsmanship is being happy for everyone’s successes and having humility that each day is a learning day. She says, “I am just grateful to have horses in my life because I learn a lot from them andthey bring me a lot of joy.”

When asked what lesson she took back to Utah from the weekend, she replied, “On a green horse, stay quiet, steady and positively direct. Although Scotty is very green, if I had closed all doors and urged him on, he would have met the water question bravely. My insecurity about what he would do gave him an open door so that cost us a run-out — great lesson to learn. Finished like a rock star, but watch out for the next time!

The Premier Equestrian Award and the title of “Premier Equestrian” presented to Hawes included a tri-colored ribbon and a $100 Premier Equestrian gift card. The Premier Equestrian Award is given to a rider who displays a high level of sportsmanship during a show. “Whether they win with a smile or lose with a grin, we will be looking for riders who help their fellow horsemen and are, overall, a good sport during the stress of the show day,” said Heidi Zorn, President of Premier Equestrian.

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